zika virus which mosquito

zika virus which mosquito : What is Zika virus? To whom does the zika virus fail? – Learn Zika Virus Ke Lakshan and ways to avoid it in Hindi.

zika virus which mosquito
zika virus which mosquito

List of topics

  • What is zika virus
  • Symptoms of zika virus
  • fever
  • Joint pain
  • head ache
  • Body grain
  • Eyes turn red
  • How does zika virus fail
  • How did Zika virus survive?
  • Zika virus becomes a wave disease

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Many cases of Zika virus are coming up and the risk of it is increasing day by day and now it has been reported for everyone in the country. The number of people infected with this virus is increasing. This virus has caught many people and many people have also died due to this virus.

In India, 72 people died due to Zika virus in the year 2018, and if we talk about Brazil, in 2015, 1.5 million people were killed in Brazil alone. It can also be very dangerous if it is not avoided in time. Therefore, be careful and cautious about this virus.

So let’s know Zika Virus Se Kya Hota Hai if you want to stay away from the virus, then you will definitely start reading the information of this post Zika Virus In Hindi if you have all the information till the end and you stay away from this virus. .

What is zika virus

This virus is a disease spread by mosquito bites. The virus is spread by a mosquito called the Andes aegypti. Like Chikungunya, Dengue, Malaria, this virus is also spread by mosquito bites. The effect of this virus is highest on children who are growing in the womb, newborn and who are physically weak.

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Symptoms of zika virus

Many patients become infected with it and they are not aware that they have become infected with this virus. But with some symptoms you can know that you are suffering from this virus.


If you have become infected with this virus, you may also have fever. Fever is a common symptom.

Joint pain

Joint pain persists due to the spread of this virus.

headpimples on headache

If you are infected with zika virus, you may get a headache. If this pain persists, take it seriously and seek medical advice immediately.

Body pain

One symptom of this is that if you have red rashes on your body then it also comes in the symptoms of Zika virus. Therefore, see it immediately to the doctor.

Eyes turn red

Zika virus can also make your eyes red. If you have red eyes and burning eyes, you should see a doctor.

How does zika virus fail

Zika virus is spread by a special type of mosquito bite. The mosquito that spreads the zika virus is the Aedes mosquito which causes infection of the zika virus in the body. Zika Virus Ka Vahak remains active during the day. Aedes mosquitoes bite during the day and very early in the morning and a few hours before sunset.

If a mosquito infected with this virus bites a person, the virus goes into it and it spreads the virus by biting other people in the same way. In addition to mosquito bites, it can create unprotected physical relationships and, if the blood is infected, spread the virus.

How did Zika virus survive?

There is no specific drug nor does it live for viruses. The only defense of this is the treatment of zika virus. Paracetamol is given to a person infected with zika virus to reduce pain. Also, if you do not want to fall prey to this virus, you should take the following precautions. So know what is Zika Virus Se Bachne Ke Tarike.

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Do not let mosquitoes flourish in the house. For this, prevent moisture in the house. Do not let the water remain. If there is water in the house, clean it.

If you need to go to a place where there are very few mosquitoes, go to a place that has full clothes.

  • Keep windows and doors closed.
  • Use mosquito nets at bedtime.
  • Apply it in the body only after a blood test is done.
  • Maintain cleanliness at home and around you.

If you have come to visit somewhere and you have fever, then get the doctor checked on time.

Zika virus becomes a wave disease

If this virus spreads in one’s body, it can give rise to many dangerous diseases. Know Zika Virus Ke Nuksan which is caused by the outbreak of Zika virus.

If the virus spreads to a pregnant woman, the unborn child may develop fever.
Due to this, the development of the head of the unborn child stops.
Many types of liver diseases, jaundice, blindness can also occur, brain diseases can also occur.
An unborn child can also die.

If talking about adults, this virus can also become a major cause of the syndrome called Gulen-Barre. In this syndrome, the body’s immune system directly attacks the nerves of the body.


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