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wordpress auto blogging plugin :What is uto blogging? Auto Blogging Kaise Kare – Know Blogger Me Auto Blogging Kaise Setup Kare in Hindi.

Today we are going to tell you Auto Blogging Kya Hai if you also want to do Auto Blogging, then you are reading the right post. Through today’s post, you will know that Auto Blogging Kaise Setup Kare.

Auto Blogging Ke Fayde will also know you today through this post. And we will explain it to you in very simple language. Hope you like all our posts. And similarly you kept liking all the posts in our blog.

Nowadays many people are making a lot of money through it by creating their own blog. You can make good money by blogging. If more visitors come to your blog, then you can get good income from it. You can write on any topic in the blog. And you can write and publish your article.

wordpress auto blogging plugin
wordpress auto blogging plugin

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  • Go to website
  • Tap on my applets
  • Tap on new applets
  • Select website
  • Create a post
  • Select category
  • Tap on create action
  • Tap the finish button
  • wordpress auto blogging plugin
  • Auto Blogging Ke Fayde
  • Auto Blogging Ke Nuksan

Similarly, you can also do auto blogging, but auto blogging is slightly different. This is a type of blogging. With this you can earn money without working hard. For this you should be fully aware of it. After that you can do Auto Blogging well. You will also know the advantages and disadvantages due to this.

So let’s now know that if you also want to do Auto Blogging, then read this post from Blogger Me Auto Blogging Kaise Setup Kare from beginning to end. Only then you will get complete information about it. And you will be able to do Auto Blogging correctly.

What is auto blogging

In this you do not need to write any kind of post. Everything is automatic in auto blogging. In auto blogging, the content of another site keeps updating in your site, just you need to do some setting.

Automatically share only the content of that website on your blog with the bucks of another website. If you are thinking that the content of another site on your site will be updated, it will be copyrighted material. So Google can also shut down your site.

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If you use Automatic Software or Plugin, then you also get the option of Edit in it. With which you can also edit your post and the link from where the article is copied is also added to your article. And it will not be considered copyright, for this a website has to be created on blog or wordpress and set up one on the website.

Account has to be created on IFTTT website. After setup, the post on the blog starts updating via the RS feed. If you want to do Auto Blogging on WordPress blog then you need good hosting. You can also use a VPS server.

Auto Blogging Kaise Kare

You do not need to write posts in Auto Blogging. Your post will be published automatically. We are telling you Step By Step Auto Blogging Kaise Setup Kare:

  • First you have to create a blog in Blogger, then a blog.
  • Create a feed URL for the blog of the site you want to copy. You can find the URL feed of any site by adding Get URL Feed extension on the Chrome browser.
  • Blogger Me Auto Blogging Kaise Setup Kare
  • So know that now follow the steps given below for Auto Blogging Kaise Setup Kare:

Go to website

To do Auto Blogging, first you need to go to the IFTTT website. And enter your Email Id. Next, click Get Started and set a password and sign up.

Tap on my applets

Now after creating an account, go to the dashboard and click on My Applets.

Tap on new applets

After clicking on it, a page will open in front of you, click on New Applets in it.

Click on “If + This then then” Me + This.

In Choose a Service you have to choose your platform. (Blogger and WordPress)
Now select Topic and click on the Connect button.
Select Choose Trigger.

Select website

Now allow Gmail account after this. And select a website in the website you created on Blogger. In which you want to do Auto Blogging.
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Create a post

Now click on Create A Post.

Select category

Select the category you want to update on your blog. You can get automated posts published from other website’s Rs.

Tap on create action

Then click on the Create Action button.

Tap the finish button

Finally click on the finish button. So friends, you can publish Automatic Post on your blog.

Auto Blogging Ke Fayde

If you do Auto Blogging, you have many advantages. Which is being told to you further:

Once this is set, the automated post will continue to be published on your blog.
It also saves your time. If you don’t have time to write a post then this is a great way for you.
Updating regular posts on your blog also gets good traffic to your site.

You can also make income through this, your income also becomes good.
With Auto Blogging, you can also get your Adsense Account approved.
Auto Blogging Ke Nuksan
If you do auto blogging, there are some advantages as well as its disadvantages:

If your readers know that your content has been copied, they will not return to your website.
The reason your site is not good on your site will not rank your site.

Google can also decorate your site.

Due to your blog being on Blogger, if someone reports, your account may also be closed.
Auto Ads Blogging can also suspend your AdSense account.

Through today’s post, you learned that Auto Blogging Kaise Kare and also we told you what is Auto Blogging Ke Fayde. We hope that the information given by us will be useful for you.

If you also want to know that Blogger Me Auto Blogging Kaise Setup Kare, then you can take help of this post. You must have come to know through today’s post of Auto Blogging Kaise Setup Kare. And how did you like this information, tell us by commenting.

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