which foods improve eyesight

which foods improve eyesight : Why do you have eyesight? – Know Aankho Ka Chashma Utarne Ke Liye Gharelu Nuskhe and Eye Care Food Tips in Hindi.

which foods improve eyesight
which foods improve eyesight

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  • How to brighten your eyes
  • Eyes light up
  • Right diet
  • Blink eyelids
  • Get enough sleep
  • dry air
  • Sunglass
  • Shine
  • Splash
  • Exercise
  • Get regular eye checkups
  • How to remove eye glasses
  • What to eat to light the eyes
  • carrot
  • Intake of nuts
  • Badam Milk
  • Green vegetables
  • Eggs
  • personnel
  • which foods improve eyesight
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Hello friends, we are going to tell you Aankho Ki Roshni Kaise Badhaye Are you too upset due to low eyesight and want to increase your eyesight, you are right Reading the post. Along with this, you will also know what to eat to make your eyes light up.

Aankho Ka Chashma Utarne Ke Liye Gharelu Nuskhe too you will come to know through this post. We will explain it to you in very simple language, hope you will like our post Aankho Ki Roshni Tej Kaise Kare. Similarly, you kept liking every post in our blog

In today’s time, it is very important for every person to be healthy and fit, but in the coming time, due to overwork, the person may not get the time to focus on himself and also, if the eyes If the light is reduced, you may have to face many problems related to the eyes.

If your eyesight is weak and you see less because of it then you may also have some physical weakness due to which you may have to suffer from diseases. Many times people get more time while working and then their eyes get tired due to which they are less visible, due to which the eyes become weak and this causes many side effects in the eyes.

But today we will tell you some home remedies that you can easily take care of your eyes by adopting.

So let’s know which foods improve eyesight if your eyes are also weak and you are also looking for ways to increase eyesight, then you must read this post Netra Jyoti Badhane Ke Upay from beginning to end.

How to brighten your eyes

Many people have a question on how to make the eyesight sharp because their eyes get tired due to long hours working on laptops and computers throughout the day, because continuous work has a very wrong effect on the eyes.

Makes a difference. To overcome all these disadvantages, it is necessary to take the right which foods improve eyesight from time to time and pay attention to the essential things, but today we will tell you about the methods which are absolutely homely, in this you will know about yoga, Exercise, etc.

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Eyes light up

Let us tell you about the solution to increase eyesight today.

Right diet

It is very important to have the right diet on time to increase the light of the eyes, for this you should consume fish, this will eliminate the problem of dry eye syndrome of your eyes, besides you can also consume spinach, eggs, It is full of nutrients. And brightens the eyes.

Blink eyelids

If seen from the main side, people who constantly use laptops, computers or mobiles do not blink their eyelids frequently, they should take a little nap while working. This keeps the eyes tension free and refreshed, which also gives relief to the eyes.

Get enough sleep

Getting complete sleep will relax your eyes as well as your whole body and will never feel headaches, fatigue, blurry in the eyes and all your eye muscles will be relaxed so that the eyes will always be healthy.

dry air

Always protect your eyes from AC ie cold air which falls directly on your eyes, there is a fear of blindness or cornea disease due to the direct cold air of AC.


Use the sun in the sun while driving out of the house or while driving so that strong sun rays do not directly fall on your eyes and do not harm the eyes and sunglasses should also be worn by the youth safety provider.


Whenever you are using an electronic object, always keep its brightness low, such as mobile phones, laptops, etc. While using all these, you should take care that the light does not fall on your eyes and your eyes remain protected.


If there is no dehydration in the eyes, then you should splash your eyes with cold water, this will always keep the eyes clean. If you are coming from somewhere or for a long journey, go home and wash your eyes once with cold water.


First of all, wake up in the morning and rub both your palms together. When the palms are warm, then exercise the eyes, after this apply the eyes with light hands, this process will relieve eye strain and your eyes will get relief.

Get regular eye checkups

A doctor should have your eyes examined at least once or twice a year. This is the best way to keep the eyes healthy and beautiful as it can detect problems in the eyes quickly, which can cure the disease on time and there is no problem in doing any further work.

How to remove eye glasses

So let’s now know about Aankho Ka Chashma Utarne Ke Liye Gharelu Nuskhe.

First, blink your eyes four or five times a day, then close it and open it fast three to four times, do it daily.
Rotate your eyes round and round according to the time of the clock, do this at least 5 times daily.

Make coriander juice, fill it in a bottle and put it in the eyes twice daily, it is a kind of eye drop which is very beneficial in removing eye glasses.
You can also drink carrot juice in winter season to remove eye glasses.

Eat green vegetables daily in the morning and evening, because the vitamins in green vegetables make the eyes healthy and beautiful and increase eyesight.

Wash the eyes with clean and cold water so that dirt accumulated in the eyes gets cleaned.
Negative ions are produced by the cool air in the morning, which provides coolness to the eyes, you should wake up in the morning and move around everyday so that you too remain healthy and your eyes too.

To remove glasses, Kapalbhati, Anulom Antonyms, Jal Neti, Pranayam should be done daily in the morning.
Take a pencil every day for 5 to 10 minutes and make it in front of your eyes and focus your attention on it, this process increases the focus of the eyes and is also called Tarkat.

Eat salad with food as salad intensifies your whole body as well as your eyesight.
Soak Triphala in water in an earthen pot at night, and filter it in the morning and wash your eyes, this is very beneficial for removing eye glasses.

To remove eye glasses, gooseberry should be taken daily with food, it keeps away diseases in the body and is beneficial for the eyes.
Massage the eyes daily with light hands with walnut oil, this will reduce the number of glasses. This will relieve itching in the eyes.

Vitamin A is important in removing eye glasses and keeping them healthy and beautiful, so while eating a diet, eat things that are high in Vitamin A.

Drinking 10 grams of cardamom and 20 grams of fennel with milk every day regularly cures all diseases of the eyes.
What to eat to light the eyes
So let’s now know about Eye Care Food Tips.

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It is very good to drink carrot juice to increase the light of the eyes and by drinking a glass of carrot juice daily, eye glasses can also be removed. It is very beneficial.

Intake of nuts

Consuming nuts to increase eyesight provides a high vitamin that lowers cholesterol and keeps the cellular membrane stable.

Badam Milk

Eat almond milk at least three to four times a week, it provides vitamin E to fight eye disease and you can also add a pinch of turmeric to it, which will improve your skin.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables are very important for the eyes because they contain a lot of iron, due to which the eyesight increases rapidly.


Consuming eggs provides amino acids, proteins, sulfur, lectin, lutein, and vitamin B, and vitamin B is very important in cell work.

How are you happy

So let’s now know about our eye care Kaise Kare.

First of all, you should drink as much water as possible to maintain moisture in the eyes, apart from washing the eyes with water, it can also be kept healthy as well as consuming fruit juice.

To increase eyesight, wake up in the morning and walk barefoot on the open grass and take a morning walk, as well as anulom vilom pranayama.

Massage the soles of the feet with mustard oil before going to bed at night if there is any pain or irritation in the eyes.
While working on the computer, wear anti-glare glasses so that harmful rays do not harm your eyes and do not put weight on your eyes.

You can use a clean cotton cloth to soak your eyes, make cotton swabs and soak it in cold water and keep it on your eyelids for 5 to 10 minutes.
You can also use Tea Beg for eye care, soak it in cold water and then dry it, then keep it on the eyelids for 5 to 10 minutes and give the eyes a rest, so that freshness in your eyes Will feel

Eating cucumber is very beneficial for the eyes, it makes the eyes feel refreshed. One way to do this is to first take a cucumber and cut it into small pieces and keep it on the eyelids for 10 to 15 minutes to protect your eyes from the cold.
To get rid of the troubles caused by the eyes, wake up in the morning and consume spinach leaves on an empty stomach, this will increase the amount of blood in the body as well as the eyesight increases.


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