what is esr test in blood | esr test of blood

what is esr test in blood : What is the ESR test done? – Learn in detail about how and why ESR test is done!

Friends, if you see signs of any disease in your body, then you should get it checked and get it confirmed. So that doctors can catch your disease. Today we have also brought information about a test for you, so that doctors can catch the problem occurring in your body. So let’s know that ESR Test Kya Hota Hai

The purpose of conducting ESR test is not to catch any particular disease nor can any disease be captured by this test. This test checks your body’s ESR level. By which the doctor gets information about some problem in your body and in case of a disease, this test helps the doctor to find out the cause of that disease.

what is esr test in blood
what is esr test in blood

ESR Test Q Kia Jata

ESR test Ka Matlab is not a major disease. Its purpose is simply that through it your body’s problem is caught, such as swelling and burning. In case of any disease, ESR test is done along with the rest of the test, which helps the doctor a lot in catching your disease.

ESR Full Form

ESR has a flowering form. – Erythrocytes sedimentation rate

Esr full form in hindi

ESR has a full name in Hindi. – Erythrocytes sedimentation rate

ESR Test Kaise Karte Hai

A blood sample is taken from your body to perform an ESR test. And then that sample is sent to the laboratory for testing. Where that blood sample is placed in a thin and long glass tube, and then within one hour the blood fall is measured. If there is inflammation in your body, the abnormal protein will form a bunch of red blood cells, which will increase the weight of the red blood cells and it will start to fall down quickly. It is measured in Mm / Hr (millimeters per hour), in which case the doctor knows if you have any problems.

ESR Normal values

Mm / Hr is used to derive the ESR Ka Normal Range, some examples of which we are telling you below.

The ESR of a child after birth should be around 2 Mm / Hr.
Children who are entering at a young age should have an ESR of 2 to 13 Mm / Hr.
If a woman is below 50 years of age, her ESR should be up to 20 mm / hr.
If a woman is over 50 years of age, her ESR should be up to 30 mm / hr.
In case of a person below 50 years of age, his ESR should be 15 MM / Hz.
If a person is above 50 years of age, his ESR should be around 20 mm / hr.

ESR Test Cost

The cost of this test can vary from hospital to city. Nevertheless, we have brought some figures for you, for ESR blood test, you will have to pay from Rs 100 to Rs 500 in most places.

Why is esr bad

ESR levels can increase due to many reasons that you should know about, let us tell you what are the reasons for its increase.

To increase the ESR level, you must first detect the problem to reduce it. Due to which your ESR level has increased. Once this is known, the doctor will treat the problem well. As soon as that problem is over, your ESR level will automatically return to normal.


So friends, many tests are done to check some problem in human body, one of which is ESR test and today we have given you complete information about what is ESR test. This test is done to find out about swelling and irritation in your body without any reason.

Doctors give very little advice to do this test alone, but this test is done very often along with a test to check for a disease. Which helps the doctor find out the cause of the disease. So, if you now get the information of this exam given by us, then also share our today’s article ESR Test Kya Hota Hai In Hindi with your friends so that they too get to know about it.