What is coronavirus (COVID-19) and how to avoid it?

Signs and Symptoms COVID-19

Hello, today we are among you all to talk about Coronavirus. Coronavirus is a serious disease that started in the city of Wuhan, China.

And according to statistics, WHO has confirmed 5900 confirmed out of which 132 people have died due to Coronavirus.

 Symptoms of coronavirus are cough, cold, fever, shortness of breath, breakdown of body and headache.

corona virus
What is coronavirus
What is coronavirus
What is coronavirus
What is coronavirus

 But it is not the case that anyone who has any such virus symptoms has an infection with corona virus.

 All these symptoms can now occur in other viral infections as well.

 The one who has all these symptoms and has come to the city of Guman in the last 14 days or he has come in contact with his patient who has coronavirus confirmed infection.

Today, no medicine has been made against the coronavirus, research is going on on it and it is still in development anyway.

 In view of all this, the prevention of Coronavirus is the best because it’s very good treatment is not available in the medical field today.

What can all of you do to protect, such as Maintain good personal hygiene?
 Wash hands frequently with soap or cleans them with flooring.

 Put the cloth on the mouth and nose while working Kashi.

Avoid other sick people in the family who meet them.

Avoid going through crowded places.

If we follow all these things that I have just mentioned above, then we can avoid the corona virus and there is no need to increase it from this disease.

Note: Coronavirus is a deadly virus that is spreading very fast for which no cure has been found yet. First of all, take care of everything if you have a sore throat, cough, watery nose.

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