what causes tooth discoloration

what causes tooth discoloration : What is tooth discoloration – Due to tooth discoloration, type and treatment.

what causes tooth discoloration
what causes tooth discoloration

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A human body is perfect in itself and everything in it is necessary for us. This is a unique gift given by the one above. Because of this, today we have brought to you important information about teeth or what causes tooth discoloration, because teeth are an important part of our body that help us to chew and grind food, but when teeth are not taken care of properly, their color Is changed. There are many types of spots.

Tooth decay is a major problem, it is due to some carelessness like not cleaning our teeth and consuming many things which are not right for our teeth, then to know about those things and the meaning of teeth smell Read this post till the end to know.

What is tooth discoloration

Many types of stains can be seen in the teeth of humans and the main reason for this is not taking proper care of teeth. Some of the main causes of tooth spots, such as eating more sweet food, consuming more cold food, tobacco gutkha, drinking alcohol etc. After not properly cleaning the teeth, the teeth begin to turn yellow which suggests that beauty neither does the person lose anything.

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Types of teeth stains

If we do not look at our teeth properly, many types of stains will develop in them – such as your teeth becoming yellow and white, if you eat things like tobacco, your teeth are black and many more red. White spots have also been seen in people’s teeth and many types of spots are found in the teeth.

Tooth discoloration reasons

The more white your teeth are, the more your beauty will increase, but for this you have to take care of your teeth, so let’s know why the color of teeth changes.

Very few people took care of their teeth in childhood, which gradually faded the color of their teeth or read the color of their teeth yellow which is also not correct by brushing.

In many people, due to being genetic, the color of the teeth becomes faded, yellow or light.
If the teeth are not taken care of properly, enamel is affected, causing bacteria to accumulate in the plaque and your teeth begin to turn black.

When you use braces to correct your teeth, it also causes the problem of white spots in your teeth that seem quite useless.
If you consume more things like chocolate, white bread, coffee, cold drinks, chips etc. then your teeth will start to become yellow, black and weak.

If you consume things like tobacco, gutkha, alcohol etc., your teeth will turn black and start rotting.
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Tooth discoloration treatment

In the present day, dentistry has reached far ahead, allowing teeth to now be brightened easily. Yellowing of teeth, reddish-yellow spots, tobacco-gutkha stains can be easily removed with the help of dental bleaching. There are several types of dental bleaching.

Chair Site Whitening

In this, the whiteness of your teeth returns very quickly. It uses a machine that cleans your teeth in 1 hour.

Chemical bleaching

In this, your teeth are cleaned with a special type of medicine, you have to get this treatment 2 to 3 times.

Home bleaching

This process is done at your home, in this you are given a special type of tray which you have to wear at night and by this process your teeth will be cleaned in 7-8 days.


If you feel that your teeth have deteriorated, it is better to see your dentist immediately, as early treatment can help prevent complications. If you do not receive treatment at the right time, this infection can affect the surrounding teeth and structures.

So if you have liked the important information related to teeth spots, spots and changes in color, then share the information of Tooth Discoloration Meaning In Hindi as much as possible so that other people can also know about it.