what causes a hernia

what causes a herniahernia symptoms in men & female : How does hernia occur? Causes, symptoms and home remedies for hernia.

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  • What is harania
  • Hernia type (hernia type)
  • Hernia laches (hernia symptoms)
  • Causes of hernia
  • Hernia C over Bachchan
  • Home use of hernia
  • Hernia treatment in hindi
  • Hernia operation Kaise Hota Hai
  • Laparoscopy surgery
  • Open surgery
  • Hernia dawai

Friends, a human body is made up of many organs, some of which we can see with our eyes, some are in the inner part of our body. Now that we have so many organs in our body, there will be some problems between them. That is why today we have brought to you information about an internal organ disease, which we know as hernia.

what causes a hernia
what causes a hernia

Hernia is a disease caused by the coming out of the internal organs of our body. This is a problem that can happen to anyone from birth to old person. So if you also want to know what is hernia and how to avoid hernia, then today we will give you complete information about it.

What is harania

Our body has many organs, some of which are inside the hollow parts, these places are called body cavities and the organs of those places are surrounded by just one skin layer. Sometimes when we cough or we lift heavy items, sometimes the skin bursts.

Due to which internal organs start coming out slowly and this is the condition which we call Hernia. It can be a hernia anywhere in your body. But it usually occurs in the abdomen and then in the upper part of the thigh. In the case of hernia, you also have pain in doing normal work.

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Hernia type (hernia type)

Many types of hernias are found in the human body, whose names we have given you further.

  1. inguinal hernia
  2. Female hernia
  3. umbilical hernia
  4. incisional hernia
  5. Epigastric hernia
  6. hiatal hernia

Hernia laches (hernia symptoms)

Hernia detection is very important, otherwise we may have many problems moving forward, so let’s know about the symptoms of hernia.

When there is a hernia, the place of the body becomes the shoe and the place is felt.
There is a lot of pain around that place of the body.
There is burning sensation with abdominal and chest pain.
It also hurts when coughing and sneezing.

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Causes of hernia

Hernia can be caused due to many reasons, some of which we are telling you further.

If the abdominal wall of the baby does not develop properly in the womb, it can cause hernia from birth.
Excessive pressure on the abdomen increases the pressure on its vulnerable part, which can lead to hernia.
With increasing age, muscles become weak and tension increases due to which hernia can develop.

If you have a lesion or you have had surgery, there may be a hernia due to excess stress at that location.
When you have bowel movements in constipation, there is a lot of stress on your stomach and it can also lead to hernia.
Hernia can also occur due to weight gain quickly.

If you want to avoid hernia, then you have to pay special attention to your body otherwise you may be a victim of it. We are giving below some hernia prevention measures which will be useful for you.

To avoid hernia, you have to pay special attention to your body, such as – avoid the problem of obesity and weight gain,
Avoid activities that cause more stress on your stomach.
If you have constipation, treat it or exercise for it.

If you feel more comfortable then treat it, eat a balanced diet and by taking care of many such important things, you can avoid disease like hernia.
Home use of hernia

So let’s know about the home remedies to prevent hernia, so that the hernia problem can be relieved.

Ice is an old and effective treatment for hernia. Applying it to the place of hernia provides great relief from both pain and swelling.
Ginger is a very good medicine for hernia, as it has anti-inflammatory properties, making juice or eating it relieves hernia pain.
Remove equal quantity of celery and mint juice and drink it mixed with water, this will give relief from hernia problem.

Make a paste by grinding mustard and mustard with water and applying it on the place of hernia starts healing the wounds soon.
Hernia treatment in hindi

If you talk about the treatment of hernia, the operation is successful and the right treatment but it can be stopped with some medicines. If someone has a hernia, first go to the doctor and get it checked, which will tell you the type of hernia, and then you can get rid of the problem of hernia by performing the operation with those medicines or doctor’s advice. can do.

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Hernia operation Kaise Hota Hai

Doctors always recommend operation for correct and accurate treatment of hernia, there are two types of operation or surgery for hernia.

Laparoscopy surgery

This surgery is performed with the help of very small equipment and small camera. In this surgery, just a small incision is made on your body. After this surgery you recover very quickly. But hernia is more likely to come back after this surgery and this surgery is not considered right for every type of hernia.

Open surgery

It is similar to a normal operation, it takes a long time for the patient to recover, in which the patient is unable to work for 4-6 months, but this surgery is considered right for hernia.

Hernia dawai

There are many medicines available for hernia in the market, whose names we are telling you below, but before taking these, be sure to consult a doctor.

  • Ace Proxyvon
  • Ace Xeroflor
  • Fast
  • Acidom
  • Entangel D
  • Lafumac plus
  • Normaxin RT

The conclusion

So friends, today we told you about a very important information, so that you can avoid hernia pain in future. In this post, we have provided you information about hernia prevention and hernia operation by applying the initial symptoms of hernia. If you liked our information, like and share it, as well as tell others about hernias so that they too can know about hernia symptoms, have a good day.

Note: – From the information given in our article, we do not claim that it is completely correct, so before taking these remedies, please consult the concerned physician once.