weight loss for hips and thighs

weight loss for hips and thighs : How should hips work? – Exercises, yoga and home remedies to reduce hips!

weight loss for hips and thighs
weight loss for hips and thighs

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  • Forward langs
  • Thighs work
  • Reduce hips with sea salt
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  • weight loss for hips and thighs

Nowadays fat gain has become a common problem due to growing lifestyle catering. Problems such as pet and thigh raise are mostly in women. Hips gain the most weight in women.

She adopts several methods to reduce it, but still no specific result is achieved and the problem becomes serious. But you do not need to panic because today we are going to tell you Thighs Kam Karne Ke Gharelu Upay which will be beneficial for you.

For Hips Kam Karne, there are many such drugs in the market, which women consume without any doctor’s advice and after which they fall prey to some disease.

If you do regular yoga instead of taking these medicines then you will get more benefits. So let us know what is yoga, exercise and remedies to reduce hip.

How do hips work weight loss for hips and thighs

Hips Kam Karne Ke Liye Exercise

Every day has very amazing benefits for the body. If you are doing hip work then exercise daily, then within few days you will start getting its benefits:

HIPS exercise

This exercise is best in exercise of hips and exercise of thighs and exercise of thighs. Squats strengthen the muscles of the thighs and hips and begin to flex the buttocks.

Hip work exercise:

First stand upright, now make a distance of one and a half feet between both the legs. Now place the right hand on the left shoulder and the left hand on the right shoulder. As soon as sitting on the chair, both knees are bent in such a position. 3 seconds remained in this position. Initially repeat this process 5 times. Repeat slowly 10 to 15 times.

Up-down exercise

Top-down exercise in hips exercise is simple as well as very effective. Initially you cannot do it properly but if you do regular exercise, you will be taught properly.h

Hips loss exercises:

For this you will need a bench, which is one and a half feet in height. Now place one leg on the bench. Stand on the bench with one leg without placing the other leg on the ground. Remain in the same position for 2 seconds, now repeat this step with the other leg.

Forward langs

This will give Hips Kam Karne Ki Exercise benefits very quickly. Along with the hips, it is also beneficial in reducing thighs. It is better to reduce the increased size of the hips.

Liye exercises of hips:

To do this exercise, stand straight on both feet. Now move one leg forward. There should be a distance of one feet between the two legs. Keep the waist straight and bend the legs down, stay in this position for 5 seconds. Then stand up straight. Now repeat the same step with the other leg.

Thighs work

If you have adopted several methods to reduce the hip mass, but still have not benefited from this, then you can adopt Hips Reduction Tips which are domestic.

Reduce hips with sea salt
Sea salt makes the skin tight and toned. It helps in reducing the Hips. Your entire body will also be toned and the body will also be hydrated.

How to adopt hips reduction method:

First take a tub and add 2 cups of sea salt in lukewarm water. When it completely dissolves in water, add 5-6 drops of lemon oil, T-tree oil or mint oil to it. Now immerse the body in this water for 20-25 minutes. Work on this Hips for one month.

Lemon-honey is a very beneficial way to reduce body fat.

Hips reduction method:

Mix one lemon juice and 2 teaspoons honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drink regularly.

Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar is also very effective in Hips Ghatane Ke Upay. Which is helpful in reducing excess fat on the body. Effective mineral elements like magnesium, potassium, calcium are found in apple vinegar.

Method of reducing the hips:

Take 2 teaspoons coconut oil, add 2 teaspoons of apple vinegar to it. Now massage the Hips for 15 minutes. Let it sit for 20 minutes. After that take a bath with hot water.

Hip lowering yoga
Doing yoga is beneficial for every part of the body, in which you will also benefit from doing this yoga to reduce the hips.

It works for the feet as well as the hips, when you do this yoga it will look easy but the muscles will work better while doing this yoga.

Tariffs of Hips Lard:

stand up straight. Now do as much distance as you can between the legs. Fold the heel of the right foot towards the toe of that foot. Leave the left leg as it is. Keep the heel of the left foot in such a way that it corresponds to the right foot. Bend your hands slightly and spread your hands. Keep your neck to the right, in this state for one minute, do this process on the other side as well.

Hips Kam Karne Ke Tips
Apart from exercise and home remedies to reduce hips, there are many things that you should take care of. Keeping these things in mind, the increased fat of the hips can be reduced. So know about Hip Reduction Tips:


Hips Kam Karne Ka is the best way to make the best changes in your lifestyle and exercise to reduce hips as mentioned above and Hips Ki Charbi Gatane Ka Nuskha will prove to be helpful in reducing your hips fat.

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