viral fever in kids – viral fever symptoms – viral fever causes

viral fever in kids : Is Kyu Hota Viral Fever? – Home remedies for symptoms, treatment and prevention of viral fever.

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Although there is no permanent season of viral fever, there is a constant change in temperature due to the changing seasons. Because of which the body’s resistance becomes very fragile.

viral fever in kids, viral fever symptoms , viral fever cause
viral fever in kids viral fever symptoms viral fever cause

We can assume that during the rainy season viral becomes very active, due to which the body can become infected and we have to face troubles like viral fever. So in today’s post, we will tell you how many days viral fever is cured or how to avoid viral fever.

Why has viral fever occurred?

What is viral fever

As we have heard from people that they have got viral fever, few people will say that they have gone viral. Viral fever is not a disease caused by one type of virus, but refers to many other types of virus-borne diseases. The main hallmark of viral fever is the frequent increase in your body temperature. Especially in viral fever in children and older people, because their immunity is very weak.

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Why has viral fever occurred?

Sewer water is found in drinking water, which occurs mostly during the rainy season, and another reason is that viral spreads very easily from one person to another.

When a person with the disease sneezes, coughs or gets bored. Even when he speaks, fine droplets of fluid are added to the air and if a person is around, those drops reach the person’s body through the breath. As soon as this virus enters your body, it starts spreading completely in your body and it infects you completely, which can cause viral fever.

Viral fever is debilitating – the effect of viral fever usually appears for about 3-5 days.

Viral fever Ke Lakshan

These early symptoms of viral fever can be identified and avoided:

With fever, extreme fatigue and body aches.
Dizziness, chills, headaches and muscle aches.
Redness and irritation of eyes, runny nose, sore throat and joint pain.
Vomiting and sometimes rash on the body.
Intermittent high fever (especially those with viral fever in the afternoon and evening).

Viral fever screening

Usually, we can identify viral fever only by looking at their symptoms. This does not require any special methods of testing, but to detect some bacterial infections, we may need blood tests or other tests.

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Treatment of viral fever

Next, you have been told some ways to treat viral fever, so let’s know:

Whenever you have a fever, doctors prescribe medicines such as viral fever medicine allopathic or acetaminophen (paracetamol).
Drink plenty of fluids like tea, water, soup, coconut water and lentils.
Do not do much physical activity as it reduces your body’s speed of recovery.
Only after consulting a doctor, keep wiping the patient’s body with wet cloth and use antibiotic.

Viral fever prevention

Although it is not easy to stop viral fever, to prevent these harmful infections, it is necessary to take care of personal hygiene as well, you have been told about prevention from viral fever.

Cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief while coughing or sneezing.
Take special care of cleanliness and hand washing. Wash your hands thoroughly before defecation etc. and after eating.
Avoid passing through crowded places.

Drink boiled water and avoid getting wet in the rain.
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Home remedies for viral fever

To avoid viral fever, you have to see a doctor, but you can also do some home remedies at your home so that there are no side effects, then let’s know about them.

Coriander water

Coriander has rich properties of vitamins and antibiotics. By taking it, one can also get rid of viral fever. For this, first take a glass of water, add coriander seeds to it and boil it. Then cool and drink.


It is beneficial for body and joint pain, which helps in relieving pain caused by viral fever. You can mix honey with ginger powder and take it after a while.

Fenugreek water

It relieves many other diseases along with viral fever. For this, we have to soak fenugreek seeds in a glass overnight and filter it in the morning the next day and consume it at fixed time intervals.


Friends, we can adopt the precautions given in the post as soon as the symptoms of viral fever are detected and at the same time we can avoid these viral fever if the viral becomes more active. So friends, hope this information is useful for all of you. So if you liked the post.