typhoid fever treatment

typhoid fever treatment : Typhoid Kaise Hota Hai? – Symptoms, causes and home remedies to avoid typhoid.

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Nowadays, there are many terrible diseases around the world that lead humans to death, many of which are difficult to detect. One of these diseases is typhoid, which is necessary for any person once in life. But today we will tell you the measures to avoid typhoid, with the help of which you will be able to avoid the damage caused by typhoid.

typhoid fever treatment
typhoid fever treatment

Typhoid problems occur due to incorrect eating or infected water. Typhoid is also called Motizhara. Eating and drinking things that increase the risk of typhoid should be avoided. Friends, let us now know what Typhoid Se Bachne Ke Upay is so that you can stay away from this terrible disease.

What is typhoid

Typhoid is a type of fever caused by an infection that spreads in the body. The body becomes very weak when there is typhoid fever. If typhoid is not treated on time, the person may also die. Every year 21 million people in the world suffer from typhoid and 220,000 die due to typhoid. Initially, the fever is mild, so it takes some time to recognize the symptoms of typhoid. The disease is caused by the spread of bacteria called Salmonella.

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Symptoms of typhoid fever

When bacteria reach inside the body, Lakshan of typhoid is seen after 5 to 20 days, it is very difficult to identify them. For this, we will further tell you the symptoms of typhoid, so that you will be able to identify whether that person has got typhoid or not.

Headache- The patient has a severe headache with fever and this pain remains constant.
Fever – Due to freezing due to bacteria in the body, fever occurs and this fever increases and aggravates.
Feeling tired – The whole body starts feeling tired. The body feels tired.
Mind jerking – One does not mind the work and the heart starts to panic.
Loss of appetite – Loss of appetite and weakening of typhoid.
Body pain– Pain starts in the whole body. Typhoid Se Prabhavit Ang causes severe pain.

Due to typhoid

Typhoid fever is a disease that prey on adults as well as children. There are many reasons that cause typhoid. Let us know what is the reason for typhoid why hota hai.

Drinking contaminated water causes typhoid disease. If there is a river or any source of water where there is a large amount of dirt, then Salmonella bacteria are spread in the water which causes typhoid.

Salmonella bacteria spread in the body even after eating food for a long time.
If there is a common cold or cold and if it is not taken care of properly, then this bacteria starts growing in the body.

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Typhoid fever causes

If you get typhoid then it can cause many kinds of harm as well. Let us know what the damage from typhoid is.

Typhoid fever causes intense pain in the stomach of the patient.
Blood also starts flowing from the intestines of the patient.
Typhoid fever makes the patient very weak. Typhoid weakness spreads in the patient’s body.
Typhoid patient also stops feeling hungry.
Many diseases occur due to typhoid fever. Typhoid Se Hone Wali Bimari causes meningitis, pneumonia, kidney infection.
Home use to avoid typhoid.

Home remedies for typhoid can also be done to avoid typhoid. It is a native method of treating typhoid. Let us know how to get rid of typhoid with the help of home remedies.

Typhoid fever can be cured by giving peppermint and ginger decoction to the patient. Do not let the patient go into the air after drinking this decoction.
Apple Vinegar – This is the best way to relieve typhoid fever. It also fulfills the lack of water in the patient’s body.
Dried grapes are also the best home remedy to cure typhoid fever. It is very beneficial for reducing typhoid.
Drink more quantity of water and juice.

Typhoid can also be removed by roasting garlic bud in ghee and applying rock salt on it.

Treatment of typhoid fever

Antibiotics are used to treat typhoid. Typhoid Bukhar Ki Dawa has to take 15 days. Also, attention has to be paid to avoiding. Treating typhoid: Typhoid fever can be cured with antibiotics and injections.

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Typhoid me what not to eat

If you have got typhoid then eating and drinking should also be taken care of. The typhoid diet should be such that it does not harm you.

Stop the use of chili spices at all, otherwise the drug of typhoid will not have any effect on the body.
Do not consume substances that make gas.
Keep distance from fried food in which the amount of oil and ghee is high.

The conclusion

If you or a member of your family has typhoid fever, it is very important to consult a doctor first. Typhoid Se Bachne Ka Tarika What we have told you in this post will be very useful in reducing Typhoid Fever. Also share this post on social media so that your friends can also know how to avoid typhoid and that too to avoid typhoid damage.

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Note: – From the information given in our article, we do not claim that this is completely correct, so please consult the concerned physician once before taking these remedies.