treatment for down syndrome

treatment for down syndrome : Down Syndrome Kaise Hota Hai? -Its symptoms and treatment.

treatment for down syndrome
treatment for down syndrome

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  • What is Down syndrome
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  • Types of Down syndrome
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  • Mosaic down syndrome
  • Translocation down syndrome
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  • Down syndrome ka ilaj
  • Down syndrome test
  • Facts of down syndrome

When you find out that your child has Down syndrome, you get very upset and you are worried about your child’s future. But instead of getting upset you should act wisely and take special care of your child. In today’s post, we will provide you complete information of Down syndrome Ke Baare Mein.

This time is very difficult for any parent. Children with Down syndrome are different from normal children, but all children with Down syndrome are also different from each other. You should understand their needs and troubles.

Now know what is Down syndrome disease in which you will know about the troubles and risks caused by Down syndrome. So that you will be able to avoid these risks in time.

What is Down syndrome

It is not some kind of disease but a type of unexplained defect in which the child’s mental development and physical development is late. It is a genetic disease associated with chromosome disorders. In the case of Down syndrome, there is little learning ability and very few people have Down syndrome.

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Kiss of Down syndrome

John Langdon Downs discovered Down syndrome in 1862. Who was an English physician, and by the 20th century Down syndrome had taken the form of an identity of mental disability.

Down syndrome Kaise Hota Hai

When the baby is born, it is usually born with 46 chromosomes. There are 23 chromosomes from the father and 23 chromosomes from the mother. But Down syndrome baby has more of a chromosome called 21st syndrome. Due to which there are 47 chromosomes in the body, which hinders mental and physical development.

Types of Down syndrome

There are mainly 3 types of Down syndrome mentioned below. Learn about their types.

Trisomy 21

It contains 3 copies of chromosome 21 instead of 2 in all cells of the body.

Mosaic down syndrome

This syndrome causes chromosome 21 in only a few cells. Some normal and some abnormal cells are formed when cells divide.

Translocation down syndrome

In this, a portion of chromosome 21 is broken and joined with another chromosome. It is passed on to the child by the parents, causing Down syndrome.

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Symptoms of down syndrome

Every child with Down syndrome is different. Many children are very healthy and some children have severe intellectual and physical development problems. Next you are told about Down syndrome Ke Lakshan which is seen in Down syndrome Ke Bache.

  • The skin on the back of the neck starts growing.
  • Hands wide and short and a streak in the palm.
  • The nose and face are flattened.
  • Eyes are bent upwards.
  • The ears and neck are shorter.
  • Flexibility is high.
  • treatment for down syndrome
  • The height is also very small.

Down syndrome ka ilaj

Proper care of these children is a treatment of Down syndrome. Down syndrome should be positive towards the baby and they should be given appropriate training. For the treatment of mental and intellectual development, seek the advice of a good doctor and take speech therapy, physio therapy.

If Down syndrome survivors are encouraged and trained, it performs well in the fields of music, art and sports. From time to time, the child should have all kinds of exams.

Down syndrome test

There are many good clinics where Down syndrome tests are done. This test is done during pregnancy within 13 to 14 weeks. This is called the Down syndrome screening test. This test only determines how likely a child is to have Down syndrome.

In high-risk cases, a needle is placed inside the uterus to detect Down syndrome. There are several types of Down syndrome test – Triple test, Dual test, Ultra sonography, Amniocentesis, etc., to find out whether a pregnant woman has unborn baby with Down syndrome.

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Own syndrome facts

Down syndrome baby requires special care and if few things are taken care of then it can also do all the work like normal children.

Never compare a normal child with Down syndrome, it lowers their morale.
These children become ill quicker than normal children. Keep Down Syndrome Baby from illness. Used to get stuck from time to time.

Give children nutritious food and take care of their nutrition.
Down syndrome play with normal children.
Do not let obesity increase in a child with Down syndrome. Obesity can also give rise to other diseases. Encourage children to participate in sports, dances and activities of their choice.
Miracle treatment should also not be mistakenly considered.

Children should never be blamed. Motivate them to think positively and you should also think positively. Meet them and give them lots of love.
Do not place syndrome children in more safety.
Let them do the tasks of daily work themselves. Help as much as necessary. Identify items used in normal life such as clothes, utensils, fruits, water, grains, etc.

Have children participate in any kind of activity – such as wedding, birthday party, religious place, shopping etc.
If your child recognizes common things, is able to do daily tasks and has the ability to go to school, he should be sent to school.


If you have a down syndrome baby in your family, then take special care of it. Their children should be educated and most single parents are responsible for their development ie taking care of the Down syndrome child learning, their needs and the time the doctor arrives. Your love, patience and hope helps to keep the Down syndrome child better.

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