Thing You Should Do After Laser Hair Removal

Did you recently get your laser hair removal or think about taking one but are willing to know more about it. So here are the things you should do after laser hair removal in short, care after laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is used by a large number of people to get rid of unwanted hair. In most situations, those who utilise laser hair removal can get rid of hair on their chest and groyne area. 

Following laser hair removal therapy, it is critical to take certain precautions in order to maintain your skin’s quality. You may avoid discomfort and complications with laser treatment and skin rejuvenation for your skin by following these measures. 

Exposure to the Sun Should be Avoided 

The first step in safeguarding your skin after laser hair removal is to prevent exposure to the sun. It is critical to avoid exposing your skin to too much sunshine since it will become inflamed. 

Severe burns are a possibility as well. It will also be necessary to refrain from sunbathing for two weeks and to wear sunscreen if you will be exposed to the sun for an extended period of time. 

Products For Topical Beauty are to be Avoided 

You should also avoid using topical beauty products for the first few days after undergoing laser hair removal treatment. During the healing process, your skin will be extremely sensitive, and utilising beauty products may aggravate it. 

As a result, topical items such as cosmetics, body cleansers, and deodorant should be avoided. After 24 hours after laser hair removal therapy, you can resume utilising these products. 

Don’t Use Any Other Hair Removal Techniques 

Avoiding alternative hair removal treatments after laser hair removal is another strategy to safeguard your skin. You should avoid waxing or plucking your hairs because these treatments might damage your skin and hair follicles. While plucking and waxing the hairs is not recommended, you can shave within 24 hours of receiving the therapy. 

Exfoliate the Area 

There will be a lot of hair loss if you have laser hair removal treatment. The hair follicles will be harmed and begin to fall out in four weeks. 

Exfoliating your skin for the next four weeks after the treatment is one of the finest ways to protect it. You’ll need a washcloth and a light scrub wash to exfoliate your skin.

After putting together the washcloth and scrub wash, just wipe the treated area in circular motions. You can speed up the shedding and prepare for your next treatment by doing this multiple times per week. 

Take Cool Showers 

After laser therapy, it is a good idea to take cool showers because hot water can cause skin to burn and blister. You should avoid taking a hot shower for at least 48 hours after receiving the treatment. 

You should also avoid utilising hot tubs or saunas, in addition to not taking hot showers. It’s also vital to avoid using heating pads, as they might irritate your skin and produce redness. 

Bumps and Redness are Common 

Redness and bumps at the treatment site are normal right after treatment, and they can continue up to 2 hours or more. For a few hours after treatment, the treated region should feel like a sunburn. If the sensitivity persists, you should apply a cold compress. Apply an antibiotic cream if there is any crusting. Darker pigmented skin may be more uncomfortable and last longer than lighter skin. 

For the first 24 hours, no makeup, lotion, moisturiser, or deodorant are allowed 

Keep the affected region clean and dry; if the irritation persists, skip the cosmetics, moisturiser, and deodorant (for underarms) until the inflammation goes away. 

5–30 days following your treatment, dead hairs will begin to shed. 

Stubble will occur 5-30 days after treatment, reflecting dead hair being shed from the hair follicle. That’s natural, and they’ll fall out soon. 

Do not pluck, scratch, wax, thread, or tweeze the affected area 

Picking or scratching the treated skin is not a good idea. Other than shaving, do not use any other hair removal procedures or products on the treated region during your laser treatments, since this will hinder you from getting the greatest results. 

The rate of hair growth varies 

After 6-9 sessions, most people will experience a degree of hairless contentment that will lead them to stop checking for stubble (yep, it’s life changing!). 

Here’s what you should do after your treatment

✓ To relieve pain, discomfort, or irritation, apply an ice pack to the affected region. ✓ After the treatment, apply aloe vera gel or calming creams for 3 days. ✓ Wear loose clothing over the next 48 hours to avoid friction on the treated region. ✓ For 48 hours, keep the treated area clean and dry. 

✓ Make sure you drink plenty of water. 

✓ Use sunscreen with at least SPF 50 and zinc for at least 2 weeks. 


No doubt laser hair removal is Best way to get rid of body and skin hairs but Care After Laser Hair Removal Matter even before and during the treatment. Here is how to care after laser hair removal. I hope you understand it. Have any doubt, leave a comment below.