The Witcher Season 2: Netflix Release Date & Everything We Know

The release date for The Witcher Season 2 is rapidly approaching. Vesemir has made an appearance in his own animated film, Nightmare of the Wolf, which has piqued our interest in the character’s imminent live-action debut. Now we’re all eager to learn more about what’s to come – and to finally see it on television.

Netflix has, thankfully, already set a release date for The Witcher season 2: December 17, 2021. That’ll be two years after the initial batch of episodes aired, and we’re ecstatic. Toss a coin to your Witcher and prepare to learn everything there is to know about The Witcher’s upcoming season. 

When will the second season of The Witcher be released?

During WitcherCon, the release date for Season 2 of The Witcher was confirmed. It will be released on December 17, 2021. Woo!

The first season was released two years ago on that date, but the longer gap shouldn’t worry fans. Lauren S. Hissrich, the showrunner, previously stated that the extra time was only good for the programme, and that she wanted to make the most of it “Ensure that everyone on our team has enough time to complete their tasks to the best of their abilities. So we’re building in a lot of cushion time for Season 2 so we don’t have to cram anything in at the last minute.” 

The Witcher 2 teaser is here, and it’s your first glimpse at the new season.

Netflix’s Geeked week a few months ago gave us a few teasers for the show, and now we have the whole version.

Ciri’s journey after reuniting with Henry Cavill’s Geralt is chronicled in the first full Witcher season 2 trailer (which you can see above). The Child of Surprise is heading to Kaer Morhen to help other Witchers, notably newcomer Lambert, develop their skills.

Much of what made the first season so popular is still present: the sound of swords clashing and creatures lurking in the shadows will be enough to get most fans back in. Yennefer, thankfully, has returned as well. But it’s unclear whether her journey will take her in the right direction. 

Season 2 of The Witcher introduces new characters and monsters.

Things were brought back to the present day, stories converged, and Geralt reunited with Ciri at the end of The Witcher’s first season. So, what’s next?

Although details are scant, it looks like the fundamental theme of The Witcher season 2 is to make things leaner, tighter, and a lot more plain.

Season 2 will “dive into The Blood of Elves, and beyond,” according to Hissrich in the behind-the-scenes film. That’s the third book in the Witcher series, but as you’ll see below, it’s not the only one. 

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“What’s fantastic about season two, I can tell you, is that, in what we’ve written, the plot gets much more focused,” Hissrich teased the upcoming season (and its interactions) in an interview with GamesRadar+. Because all of the relationships that we established in season one begin to bear fruit in season two, there is a stronger drive in the storey.”

“Characters start meeting and interacting more,” Hissrich continued. This works out occasionally. It doesn’t always work out. But it’s almost as if all of the building blocks we’ve put in place for the world are finally starting to come together into something more concrete.” 

While the first season covered most of Andrzej Sapkowski’s short stories collection The Last Wish, it has now been revealed that the second season will adapt his short stories A Grain of Truth. As she broke the news, Hissrich remarked, “It’s a narrative about a father and daughter coming together in a location that doesn’t feel completely comfortable for them.” And, of course, we really get into Nivellen, which is performed by Kristofer Hivju, who is exceptional. We also get to learn more about his character and past thanks to Geralt. It’s the ideal start to Season 2 because it’s all about family. It’s about the secrets we conceal from each other, as well as the monsters we harbour on occasion. 

Those who have read the book from cover to cover, on the other hand, might want to hold off on assuming they know the meat of The Witcher season 2 tale. That’s because, as they did in The Blood of Elves, Geralt and Ciri will reportedly travel to Kaer Morhen, the witchers’ ancient home.

How many episodes of the witcher season 2 are there? 

The Witcher Season 2: Everything we know so far - Daily Research Plot

There’s also confirmation that The Witcher season 2 will have eight episodes, which is the same as the first. Each of the following directors will direct two episodes: Stephen Surjik, Sarah O’Gorman, Ed Bazalgette, and Geeta V. Patel. 

There’s also a sneak glimpse at the names of seven of the eight episodes. We won’t be able to map out the entire season with them, but expect Kaer Morhen to make an early appearance, as well as the horrible events of A Grain of Truth, in the first half of the season.

  • “A Grain of Truth” is the first episode.
  • “Kaer Morhen” is the second episode.
  • “What is Lost” is the third episode.
  • “Redanian Intelligence” is the fourth episode.
  • “Turn Your Back” (episode 5) and “Dear Friend” (episode 6)
  • “Voleth Meir” is the seventh episode.
  • TBA for Episode 8 

What is the plot of Season 2 of The Witcher?

There isn’t a lot of information about what will happen in The Witcher Season 2, but it is commonly known that Geralt and Ciri will travel to Kaer Morhen, where the young princess will receive martial and magic training. While trying to safeguard and prepare Ciri for what is ahead, Geralt will connect with other Witchers and crucial figures from his past.

Showrunner Hissrich also confirmed that Jaskier would have more songs in the new episodes during a recent panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, which Collider attended, so be ready for a more musical second season of The Witcher.

According to the new information, Yennefer appears to have a lot on her plate at the start of Season 2, and it may be a while before she sees Ciri and (hopefully) rejoins Geralt.

Although little is known about the rest of the season’s plot or the new characters, Hissrich recently revealed in an official behind-the-scenes video that “A Grain of Truth,” the short storey introducing Hivju’s new character, will be told in the first episode of Season 2, reverting to the short storey structure used in some Season 1 episodes.  

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