sunstroke what are the symptoms

sunstroke what are the symptoms : How does sunstroke? – Follow these home remedies to avoid heat stroke.

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  • sunstroke what are the symptoms

Sunstroke is common during summer season. In summer, the effect of sunlight intensifies and warmer winds move more. This is a common summer problem. Loo Lagne Ke Karan There are many types of terrible diseases which can also cause death. So to avoid this in today’s post, we will tell you that Loo Lagne Par Kya Kare.

sunstroke what are the symptoms
sunstroke what are the symptoms

If there is a slight negligence, the risk of sunstroke increases. It can also cause many kinds of damage. Heat stroke can also damage your skin, so in the summer you should adopt measures to avoid the heat. So let’s know who Lu is and what to do after Lu so that you can avoid any major disease.

What is the sunstroke

There is a problem of sunstroke when the body temperature rises. Staying in the sunstroke for long hours or exposure to hot winds also causes heatstroke. When the amount of water and salt in the body decreases, heat can also occur. Strong hot winds in summer are called lu. When the body temperature reaches 104 ° F or 40 ° C, it is called heat stroke.

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Heat stroke symptoms

If you have sunstroke, then with the symptoms of sunstroke you can know that you are vulnerable to sunstroke.

  • Fever comes from the sunstroke.
  • Dizziness, frequent vomiting, also comes in the heat of the heat.
  • Headache occurs, eye irritation due to heat stroke.
  • breathing problem .
  • Weakness of hands and feet, breakdown of body, etc. are symptoms of heat stroke.
  • Lu lagan ke karan
  • When heatstroke occurs, the body temperature rises. There are some main reasons that cause heatstroke.

If you go out on an empty stomach in the summer, it can also cause heatstroke.
Walking in the sunstroke, working longer in the sunstroke.

As soon as you come in from the sun or come out of the cool place in direct sunlight.
Drinking less water, staying hungry, exercising more is also a cause of heat stroke.

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What is the ear

If you have sunstroke, you should take some measures to avoid it. You are further told what to do after sunstroke.

In the form of first indigestion on heatstroke, first take the patient in cold open air.
Peel the tamarind and sprinkle water on the patient’s hands and feet. This will eliminate the effect of heat stroke.
Place a strip of cold water on the forehead.

The heat effect is also cured by drinking onion juice mixed with honey.
Apply sandalwood paste on the body and apply henna on the forehead and hands.
As soon as Kerry’s pan is made by making pan of Aloo Bukhara, it is helpful in reducing heatstroke.
Drink water mixed with salt and sugar.

Grinding onion in barley flour and applying it on patient’s body also reduces heat.
The patient should be fed lemon water in case of thirst.
Desi equipment is very effective on heatstroke.

sunstroke remedies

home remedies can also be done at Loo Se Bachav Ke Tarike. With the help of these home remedies, you can avoid the effects of heat stroke.

If the onion is kept together, it does not cause heatstroke. So whenever you go out in the afternoon in summer, keep the onion in your pocket.

Always keep a water bottle with you in summer and keep drinking water for a while.
Add Kerry to the home of the child escaping from the dough. If you drink a pan of Carey regularly, this is also a good way to avoid the sunstroke.

To avoid sunstroke, consume cold things more and more. Eat seasonal fruits like melon, grapes, melon.
Also, consume cold fluids regularly. Drink juice, lemon juice, bull’s syrup.

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sunstroke treatment in hindi

If you are in heat, the doctor should get treatment for heatstroke immediately so that you can avoid any major disease. Never take medication to avoid heat stroke without doctor’s advice. Loo Lagne Par Homeopathic Medicine is very beneficial but do not consume it without asking your doctor.

The conclusion

Health should be very cautious during the summer season, otherwise you may suffer from some terrible disease. You can avoid the sunstroke with the help of the measures mentioned above.

Loo Lagne Par Kya Khaye If you know this post then you can reduce the heat by consuming these substances. Whenever you come out in summer, cover your body well. Loo Se Bachne Ka Tarika should cover his ears.