Skillshare Payment Update 2022 – What you need to know?

Skillshare Payment Update 2022 : skillshare just sent out an email with some massive changes for the payment system inside of skillshare and this is important for every teacher on that platform in this article.

I will cover all four topics that will be changed in the next couple of months hey and welcome to my website and today let’s talk about those four changes number one they are changing their payment system.

Skillshare Payment Update 2022
Skillshare Payment Update 2022

from paypal to Tipalti you will get a second email with a unique link from skillshare where you can sign up for Tipalti this is the new payment system you can still choose PayPal i think inside of the Tipalti I will go through this step in the future if you have any questions about this let me know in the comments and i will make a separate.

Article just how i register everything number two is introducing text processes so for example in this email we got you can also click the this faq you will be redirected to a website where you can see all those informations in detail so switching from paypal to tipalti you will get an you will have an overview a guideline.

Skillshare Payment Update 2022
Skillshare Payment Update 2022

how you can set it up that’s very straightforward just do that if you are a teacher on skillshare important if you forget to do this you will lose the money from february if you are not doing this in time so you should change the payment system to this new platform so introducing the new tax purposes becauseof the irs of the us that’s the department of tax purposes you have to fill out two forms either a form that is one for being a u.s citizen or a non-us citizen and in that case you may or may be not have to pay taxes in advance.

raising the minimum requirements to earn royalties so in the past you only have to accumulate 30 minutes of paid watch time to already get an amount of roughly two dollars to earn money they changed that they wanted to make it more equal.

more fair and also grow the business even further they change the minimum requirement now to 75 minutes of paid royalty so if you don’t reach 75 minutes.

paid royalty you don’t get any money and they also made a change to the referral program that they have so at the moment as a teacher on skillshare you can refer any class not just your own class any class you can make for example a video on youtube talking about hey this is how you can learn photoshop with this guy he has an amazing class click the link and you get one month for free on skillshare.

and then this referral gave gave you ten dollars so now they change this to sixty percent of the next payment plan that the customer clicks so in that case means if someone clicks only the month.

one month for free you don’t make any money after one month free they decided to pay one month in advance one year in advance so for example 167 888 that would mean for this customer you get sixty percent of this first payment you would get just roughly over a hundred dollars for that that’s the positive.

side negative sign for a monthly rate so for example if the next customer only clicks for one month or doesn’t click at all for any payment you either get nothing or you get less than you did before so it’s if you have customers who actually like skillshare and they apply.

Skillshare Payment Update 2022 : for a one-year payment then you will make more money in the long run what i think is that more people will actually get less money because for example at the moment i was doing advertisements here on my youtube channel telling you check out my classes i still get ten dollars you can check it out for one month with those new changes this will not be accurate anymore so now i actually have to try to keep you as a customer on the platform skillshare and try to sell you the highest price.

possible because then i will also make more money if you understand what i mean they also will change the ashboard that you have as a teacher you will see more in-depth where your referrals come from what kind of money you can get there so i’m really looking forward to see the new dashboard so that’s it for now this was a very fast update video on the skillshare platform if you have any questions please let me know in the comments please if you are a teacher.