Prime Minister’s address to the nation about Corona virus effect

Prime Minister’s address to the nation Corona virus effect Janata curfew

The world is going through a serious period of crisis, Corona put the entire human race in crisis, corona is more destructive than World War 2, the thought of being sure about Corona is not right, every Indian should be aware of it.

Janata curfew,Prime Minister's address to the nation about Corona virus effect
Janata curfew,Prime Minister’s address to the nation about Corona virus effect

Needed, I have come to ask for something from 130 crore countrymen, I want your coming few weeks, so far science has not made any vaccine to avoid corona epidemic, corona But the study found that the status of corona has increased very quickly in some countries, this crisis of corona is not common in front of a country with a population of 130 crores like India, the effect is being seen in large developed countries.

It is wrong to believe that it will not affect India.
We have to take the pledge that we will avoid getting infected and save others from getting infected,
Abstinence – Avoiding congestion, avoiding getting out of the house.

Our resolve and restraint is going to play a big role to avoid this epidemic.
The activism of government service, media personnel and public representatives is necessary, but the rest of the society should separate themselves from the crowd.
In our families, people above 65 years of age do not leave home.

Seeking support from every countryman, Janata curfew, for the public, the curfew imposed by the public on its own, is to work as a public curfew from 7am to 9pm on Sunday, 22 March.

Only those associated with essential services came out, on March 22, our efforts will prepare us for our self-control and the upcoming elections.

Request to the rest of the state governments of the country, request to other organizations, from now till Sunday, the message of curfew should be sent to the people, make people aware.

The Janata curfew will be like a preparation for our India.
On 22 March, I want to cooperate with you, for the last 2 months, millions of people have been working day and night, in today’s circumstances, their services cannot be called normal, people who are standing between the corona virus and the wall between us, On March 22, thank you to all such people.

At 5 in the evening, for 5 minutes, standing in the doors of your house, windows, balcony,
Express their gratitude by clapping, playing bells, playing thali.

Local administration should also make the time known to everyone by playing siren.