prickly heat rash in babies

prickly heat rash : How is Ghormia? – Stinging heat symptoms, causes and home remedies.

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In the summer season, problems such as prickly heat arise. This problem occurs mostly in heat, also known as primal heat. This is a problem that makes us very upset. There is a lot of itching on the body due to prickly itching, which causes a lot of irritation on the skin. Therefore, today we will tell you that Gamoria how thick.

prickly heat rash in babies
prickly heat rash in babies

Kinnar is a problem that can occur to any person at any age. Measures of prickly heat should be adopted, otherwise itching may result in sores. Well, the rash heals within a few days, but do not ignore it, otherwise the wound may cause more problems. So let’s know how to fear Ghomoria, so that you will be able to avoid the trouble of stinging heat.

symptoms of Ghamoria

The prickling heat occurs on these parts of the body such as the stomach, back, waist, neck etc. Pride has a greater effect. Next, learn about the symptoms that are seen as rash.

Due to rashes, there is constant itching in the body.
Small red colored rashes appear on the affected area.
Burning on the body is also a symptom of prickly heat.
Being persistent causes persistent sweating from the body.
The clothes also seem stingy.
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There are many reasons to be proud. Let’s know why Ghoromiya is hot

A prick occurs when the sun’s rays come in direct contact. If you stay in the sun for a long time, you may have a rash.
Excessive sweating also causes rash. Even if you do more exercise, it also creates a problem of prickly heat.
The changing weather can also cause thorny heat.
If you do not keep the body clean properly on a regular basis, prickling may occur.
Wearing more tight clothes can also cause rash.

Gomorrhea home remedies

If you have prickles on your body, you can get relief from heat by adopting home remedies.

Mixing sandalwood powder and camphor in rose water and applying its paste on barbed rice is also beneficial.
Multani soil is also a better remedy than the use of prickly heat, it cools the skin. Make a face pack by mixing Multani soil with rose water and apply it on the affected area. You will get relief from heat.
Applying camphor in coconut oil also helps to eliminate puffiness.

Prices can also be removed with the use of neem. Boil neem leaves in water and take a bath with this water.
There is great relief in the treatment of the prickly powder of orange peel.

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How to get rid of heat

If you are looking for ways to avoid the prickly heat, then you can adopt a salmon from Gamori as mentioned below.

  • Try to stay as cool as possible in summer.
  • Gamori wore loose clothes for Si Bach.
  • Avoid excessive sweating activities.
  • Drinking plenty of water is a great way to avoid the prickly heat.
  • The place where you slept should be airy.
  • For this, you can use calamine lotion to apply prickly cream.
  • Drink liquid, juice, sorbet, etc. for heat.
  • Drinking coconut water is also Ghamori Se Bachne Ka Nuskha which is very effective.
  • You can also use barbed soap after consulting a doctor.
  • Fruits are also helpful in protecting against prickly heat. Eat fruits like watermelon, cucumber, papaya, melon and cucumber.

Garmi Ki Ghamori Ka Ilaj

If you have more arrogance, it is better to contact a doctor to treat the prickly heat. Use the medicine of prickly water after consulting a doctor. If the children in your house have become thorny, do not be careless and get the children treated with boast.

Ghamori Ki Homeopathic Medicine is also considered to be good to do Ghamoriya Ka Ilaj, but before taking any kind of Ghamori Ki Medicine, consult a doctor. Applying powder of barbed powder is also beneficial to reduce the heat of the barbed.

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Take good care of your skin during the summer season. Excess heat can cause rash. By using the Ghamori Se Bachne Ka Tarika explained to you in this post, you can avoid the problem of thorns.

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