pimples on head

pimples on head : pimples on head : Pimples Kaise Hoti Hai?Home remedies for symptoms, causes, treatment and removal of pimples!

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  • What is pimples (why are pimples)
  • Pimples Ke Lakshan (symptoms of pimples)
  • Pimples are done
  • Pimples Ke Prakar (Types of Pimples)
  • whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • papules
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  • pustules
  • Ulcer
  • Pimples Se Bachne Ke Upay (Avoid Pimple)
  • Pimple Se Chutkara Paane Ke Upay (Pimple home remedies)
  • ice
  • Multani mitti
  • Aloe vera
  • Steam process
  • Honey
  • Pimples make a case
  • Laser treatment
  • Homeopathic cure
  • Blue light treatment
  • Herbal cure
  • Ayurvedic treatment
  • Pimples Ko Hatane Ke Liye Cream
  • pimples on head
pimples on head
pimples on head

In the present times, most people use many types of beauty products to enhance and maintain their beauty. Therefore, there is a great demand for these beauty products in the market. But do you know that there are many such problems which are the first to spoil your beauty. We are talking about Pimples, which makes your face look bad. This problem is found in both boys and girls.

Pimple is a problem on the face of a boy or girl that does not leave the person easily even once it is done. This problem can happen to anyone over time. There are many reasons for this. So today we have important information related to Pimples for you like – How to stop Pimples, Removal of Pimples, Pimples Treatment and Pimples Se Bachne Ke Tarike etc.

Pimples Ko Hatane Ke Gharelu Upay

What is pimples (why are pimples)

Pimples on the face is a problem that reduces a person’s beauty. When the oil glands in our body are joined by a bacteria, then people start getting acne (pimples). Pimples can occur anywhere in a person’s body, apart from the palm of the hands and the underside of the feet, the pores on the skin of our body are attached to the oil glands from the inside. Th

ose who make sebum together and this sebum makes our skin look good. Sebum also helps in maintaining oil balance in oil glands. Whenever a person changes hormones, the oil balance in the oil glands in his body deteriorates. Due to which a person starts having problems like pimples or pimples on head.

Pimples Ke Lakshan (symptoms of pimples)

Having pimples or pimples on head is not a major problem, due to which the person does not have any kind of problem. Pimples do not show any specific symptoms before they occur. But still after some situation you may have pimples, about which we are telling you further.

Light red rashes appear on the face which later lead to Pimples on Chin, Pimples on Head and Pimples on Forehead.
Creation of solid nodes under the person’s skin.
Filling of pus under bulging skin.
Red spots on the skin and inflammation of hair follicles.

pimples on head

Pimples are done

Pimples are a problem that no one wants to let happen on their body, because it reduces the beauty of the person. Pimples can affect a person for many reasons. If you want to know about Pimples Se Kaise Bache and Pimples Ko Kaise Roke, then first thing you should know about having Pimples:

The biggest reason for having pimples is hormonal changes. It occurs in both boys and girls with increasing age. Due to which the problem of Pimples on Face arises.

Excessive makeup also allows pimps. Women use many types of beauty products due to which pimples start coming.
A survey has shown that excessive intake of things like oily food, junk food, more sugar etc. also cause pimples.
Pimps can also occur due to the changing weather, and if you spend too much time on dusty soil or polluted place it can also cause pimples.

If your skin is more oily then you may also have pimples on your cheeks.
If you remain immersed in any mental stress or anxiety for a long time, you may also have to face pimples due to this.

Pimples Ke Prakar (Types of Pimples)

Pimples and pimples can occur on a person’s skin in many ways. Which you might not know about, so let’s know what kind of pimples are.


Pimples of this type are seen as a closed comedo and are also known as closed comedones. It lives on the lower part of a person’s skin and their upper part looks like white.


These pimples form an open comedo, it appears black and brown on a person’s skin due to melanin oxidation. Pimples of this type have an open mouth and there is no swelling.


This type of pimple is small, solid and light red. In which the person mostly feels itchy.


It comes from outside the skin, thrives inside the person’s skin. It is light red with large size. Those who feel pain on touching or touching.


You can easily see them on the person’s skin. This pus is full. The bottom of which is light red and the upper part is filled with pus.


The cyst is a large pock, completely filled with pus. It leaves a stain on the face even after fully healing. In this, the person also has to face pain.

Pimples Se Bachne Ke Upay (Avoid Pimple)

If you want to get Pimples Se Chutkara or want to avoid Pimples, then you have to make some changes in your lifestyle which we have told you below.

Drink at least 10 to 15 glasses of water every day, by doing this your body’s impurities will start coming out.
Do not touch your face repeatedly with hands. By doing this, the bacteria present in the hands goes on your face. Which can cause you pimples.

You should wash your face 2-3 times throughout the day. This clears the dirt and dust accumulated on the face and keeps you away from problems like pimple.

Eating less salt in excess of this can cause pimples.

In the event of an acne, neither press it nor boil, by doing this the pimples will start coming out.
Wash the brush used in makeup after makeup and bacteria do not grow in the brush before applying makeup.

Pimple Se Chutkara Paane Ke Upay (Pimple home remedies)

The problem of pimples imprisons a person at home because the person hesitates to get out of the house and interact with people in the event of having pimples. He gets to see and use Pimples Ko Hatane Ki Vidhi and Pimples Se Chutkara Pane Ke Tips as soon as possible. Keeping this in mind, today we are going to tell you Pimple Se Chutkara Paane Ke Liye Gharelu Upay which will be very beneficial for you.


Take a piece of ice and rub it on your pimples for 2-3 minutes, which will reduce its swelling and it will start to heal slowly.

Multani mitti

Mix multani mitti, lemon juice and rose water in a pot and apply it on your face pimples and wash after 15-20 minutes. This method will prove very useful for your pimples.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is great for your Pimples. Apply aloe vera gel directly to your pimples and wash it in 15-20 minutes, this will gently cure your pimples.

Steam process

The process of steam keeps your skin clean and soft. Therefore the Pimples do not return once they are cleaned.


Honey is also a panacea for removing Pimples. For this, take honey in a bowl and apply it on the pimples with your hand and wash it in 20-25 minutes, this will slowly start healing your pimples.

Pimples make a case

Having pimples is a common thing that can happen to any person. This is a very serious problem. Those who do not heal easily and even if they are cured, but Pimples remain on the face. Therefore, we have brought information about acne treatment for you.

Laser treatment

This treatment kills bacteria found in Pimples using laser rays. Which controls the pimps. This treatment also reduces the chances of getting acne in the future.

Homeopathic cure

Acne is a complete treatment, so that there is no problem of having Pimples on back. In this treatment, which is causing acne, a lot of attention is given to it. Doctors treated by homeopathy use medicines made from sulfur, black bromatum, belladonna, nux, and arctimalappa.

Blue light treatment

It is the newest technique to treat pimples. It treats red pimples and inflamed pimples due to bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes. Because these bacteria are unable to tolerate blue light and perish on contact with it. This light shrinks the oil glands on the skin, so it is a good treatment for pimples.

Herbal cure

This treatment has been used since ancient times. It uses household items and things found around the house such as honey, turmeric, neem, aloe vera, garlic etc. which help in treating pimples.

Ayurvedic treatment

If you have Pimple Se Chutkara Pana, follow Ayurvedic treatment of Pimple as it is considered the panacea treatment of Pimps. Many herbs are used in its treatment such as Chandanasava, Guggulu, Triphala, Sarivadivas, etc. which are mixed in a certain amount. Medication is made.

Pimples Ko Hatane Ke Liye Cream

Currently, pollution has increased greatly. The effect of which has started appearing on the skin of people in the form of problems like pimples and Pimples. To prevent this, most people today are using Pimple Cream. That is why we have also brought some useful Pimple treatment creams for you, using which you will get relief in Pimples.

  • Retino-A Tretinoin Cream
  • Glyco 6 Glycolic Acid Cream
  • Neutrogena Cream
  • Evanne Tricknell
  • Himalaya Herbals Acne N Pimple Cream
  • Visco Turmeric WSO Skin Cream
  • Nomarks Acne Pimple Cream


In today’s time, pimples have become a major problem for everyone, as they only spoil your face and at the same time they leave a stain on your face. To deal with this problem, we provided you information about Pimples Ko Rokne Ke Upay, Pimples Ko Hatane Ke Upay and Pimples Se Chutkara Kaise Paye. If you liked the information about Pimples Se Chutkara In Hindi then share it as much as possible. , So that other people can also take advantage of this information.