piles cure in 3 days

piles cure in 3 days : How is Piles? – Hemorrhoids or symptoms of piles, causes and home remedies for survival.

List of topics

  • Bawasir Kya Hai (What is Piles)
  • Piles type (types of Piles)
  • Internal hemorrhoids
  • External hemorrhoids
  • Bloody piles
  • piles cure in 3 days
  • Heaps of heaps
  • Symptoms of piles (symptoms of piles)
  • Piles Ke Liye Gharelu Upay (Home Remedy to Avoid Piles)
  • Due to Piles
  • Piles Se Bachne Ke Upay (Protection from piles)
  • Bawasir Ka Ilaj Hindi Me (treatment of piles)
  • Bawaseer Ki Dawa (Piles’s Medicine)

Friends, you must have heard about Piles, a human body has to suffer a lot of pain due to this disease. Piles or hemorrhoids is a disease that occurs in the human defecation organ.

piles cure in 3 days
piles cure in 3 days

Hearing the name of this disease, the condition of the people worsens. That is why today we have brought you complete information of Piles Kaise Hota Hai and Piles Kaise Thik Kare, which will help you to avoid this problem.

Bile defecation occurs as swelling or warts inside or outside the organ. It is not a more serious problem, but by not paying attention to it and not treating it properly it can later turn into a terrible disease like cancer.

So now you know what happens, but due to lack of complete information about hemorrhoids, you may have problems for some time. So that’s why our today’s post must read Piles Kaise Thik Hota Hai till the end.

Bawasir Kya Hai (What is Piles)

We know hemorrhoids by the name of Piles and in English it is hemorrhoids. It is a problem occurring in both men and women, which is currently occurring in people of all ages. This is a very big problem. It is mainly due to swelling, warts or lumps in defecation organ.

This defecation is caused by excess pressure on the limb. Due to which a person has to face a lot of pain in defecation and it also brings blood with defecation.

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Piles type (types of Piles)

People have four types of piles or piles, which we are going to tell you further.

Internal hemorrhoids

This hemorrhoids develops inside the defecation organ and it is usually not visible as it forms inside the defecation organ. The person does not have much problem with this piles and it also gets cured on its own.

External hemorrhoids

These types of piles occur in the upper part of the defecation area, where the stool comes out. In some cases, it is not visible, but in all other cases it appears as a lump, there is no serious problem with this hemorrhoids.

Bloody piles

In this type of piles, the person does not have much trouble, but it starts getting tired from the blood. Initially there is less blood, but gradually more blood starts coming. It occurs in both internal and external piles.

Heaps of heaps

This piles occurs when the internal piles swell and take the form of a lump. And when that lump starts coming out of the toilet, we call this situation leucorrhoea.

Symptoms of piles (symptoms of piles)

If you want to avoid the problem of Piles, then you should not know the symptoms of Piles or else you may be a victim of it. So let’s know about the early symptoms of hemorrhoids.

A lot of pain is felt during bowel movements.
The place of defecation becomes red and itching starts there.
After full defecation, blood comes and the feces feel trapped inside.
Swelling and lumps occur with pain at the place of defecation.

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Piles Ke Liye Gharelu Upay (Home Remedy to Avoid Piles)

India is a country where people prefer to adopt Piles home remedies besides treating Piles in hospital. So let’s know about some home remedies for hemorrhoids.

For piles, make a fine powder by grinding mango kernels and add 2 teaspoons of honey to it and eat it twice a day. This recipe is very beneficial for piles.

Coconut oil also gives great relief from the pain of hemorrhoids, for this you should apply it on warts or lumps.
Constipation is the main reason of Piles Ki Problem, so to cure constipation, make a powder of Isabgol and Triphala and consume it, which will cure your constipation and then you will get relief from piles gradually.

If you want to avoid piles disease, then you should drink more and more water which will not cause constipation and will give relief from piles problem.

If you feel swelling or pain at the place of defecation, you can compress it with ice at that place, this will give you relief in both swelling and pain.

To avoid hemorrhoids, you should drink 2 teaspoons of castor oil in a glass of milk and you can apply castor oil on piles moles or lumps. This will give you a lot of relief.

Due to Piles

In the event of increased pressure and irritation in the veins around the defecation organ, swelling occurs at that place. Which gradually takes the form of warts or lumps. What we call hemorrhoids, now we know what the reasons are.

Excessive stress during bowel movement can cause hemorrhoids.
Diarrhea and constipation can also cause long-term hemorrhoids.

By sitting in the toilet for a long time, defecation also reads pressure on the blood vessels of the organ, which increases the risk of hemorrhoids.

With aging, the tissue that protects us from hemorrhoids becomes weak which does not protect us from the symptoms of hemorrhoids and we become victims of hemorrhoids.
Your abdominal fat also puts pressure on the muscles of the defecation organ, which can also cause hemorrhoids.

Piles Se Bachne Ke Upay (Protection from piles)

There are several ways to avoid hemorrhoids, some of which we are telling you below.

If your job is to sit in one place or you are constantly sitting in one place. So take a break of 2-3 minutes every 1-2 hours and rotate.
If you have a bowel movement problem, include exercise in your life. For this, you should do 30 to 45 minutes of normal exercise and walk or run for some time, this will eliminate your problem.

If you are willing to have a bowel movement, you should not see it. This will mean that your stool starts to dry and then later there is more problem with bowel movement and more stress has to be applied, which causes a lot of pressure on the defecation organ which can become a problem for you.

Do not sit in the toilet for a long time, this puts pressure on your bowel movement, and if you do not sit properly while defecating, then a big problem can arise for you.

Bawasir Ka Ilaj Hindi Me (treatment of piles)

If you are seeing symptoms of hemorrhoids in your body, do not take long and consult a doctor directly. He will check to find out if you have hemorrhoids, most doctors use two methods for screening.

In this, the doctor, wearing gloves in his hands, checks with the fingers of his hand inside the patient’s defecation organ, whether there is a wart or a lump in the piles.

If the hemorrhoids are not caught in this way, the doctor then examines them properly using instruments such as the proctoscope and anoscope to insert them inside the defecation organ to ascertain whether the patient has hemorrhoids.

After finding Piles, the doctor gives you the necessary advice and Piles claims. If your hemorrhoids are in the final stages, you may have to perform an operation for them.

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Bawaseer Ki Dawa (Piles’s Medicine)

Here we are going to tell you the names of some medicines which give relief from piles or hemorrhoids. But before using them you must consult a doctor once.

  • Corticosteroids
  • Paracetamol
  • Sbl Silicea Dilution
  • Divine candidacy


So friends, today we have given you information about a problem, which most people neither know anyone nor can tell anyone nor hide from anyone. Which we know as hemorrhoids. Anyone who knows about this, they all want to stay away from this disease, because the place and the way it is suffering in this disease is very difficult to bear.

That is why today we introduced you to the complete information of piles cure in 3 days. If you liked our article, then share our today’s post Piles Kaise Hota Hai Hindi Me with your friends and family as much as possible so that they know about the symptoms of Piles, thank you!

Note: – From the information given in our article, we do not claim that it is completely correct, so before taking these remedies, please consult the concerned physician once.