Papaya is forbidden to eat in pregnancy

Papaya eats in pregnancy: If there are any doubts about the pregnancy, then we will know whether the papaya food is right in pregnancy or not, then we will disinfect the papaya in two types. The outer cover remains yellow, the ripe papaya remains and the second papaya remains ripe, that is, the outer cover of that papaya remains green.

There is a defense that remains ripe papaya, whose outer covering is yellow, it contains beta-carotene. This beta-carotene is very important for the eyes for opposing his wife’s bones, for the eyes of his wife. At the same time, there is fiber in it, folic acid is there, it is very less, so you eat it very beneficial in your pregnancy and there is another and maturity father i.e. Our cover is green, it is papaya.

Papaya eats in pregnancy
Papaya eats in pregnancy

You do not eat papaya, sometimes we cook tea. We use this papaya for marination, but in green papaya pregnancy, we refuse to eat it in green papaya in large quantities. If both the kick stays X and the temperature becomes high, it is a confirmation of both, sometimes there can be labor pens and sometimes the side of the baby which is less out sometimes It also happens and maybe the reason, hey, it is very unlikely to be in the sun, very often the patients come to the OPD, they have an unwanted baby, they have to terminate.

They eat a lot of papayas beforehand and come to the doctor but baby It has also been seen to have no effect on the body, but many times its family members say that this papaya is hot for itself, it should not be eaten at all. But, scientifically, if there is no such thing in hot allopathy, your family members will not have the edge, you do not have to eat at all, so to maintain the peace of your family, you should give this award because the whole life is ahead.

We have to eat properly but my advice will be that you cooked papaya is very good for your daughter, then in this article, we also know two types of pap TE are remains ripe papaya that is good for our pregnancy and half-ripe papaya stays green papaya this about any information you must let us write it if you do not eat us.

Papaya eats in pregnancy
Papaya eats in pregnancy

Nidhi was about to become a mother, her month was going on, the doctor had advised her to eat lots of green vegetables and fruits, kept her in the saddle of cheating and put her in the kitchen in such a long time. Took by the hand and threw away Nidhi news came, he did not understand what he has done so hey why are you eating papaya, you do not know that eating papaya can cause a baby to fall Gon believes that papaya should not be eaten during pregnancy. He is afraid of the falling baby. What can be the rate left? What is the truth about what happens?

We talked to 2 gynecologists, Doctor Lovely. Do not give those who are the head of the department in Photos Hospital Delhi and Urvashi Prasad Jha or the doctors in Apollo Hospital the same question we asked these people, then we have a different thing There was a research done a long time ago, it was found out that papayas have a line, what they mean is that they have small molecules in a chemical reaction. It was said that tapi is harmful to pregnant women, eating it can cause the baby to fall and the woman can also go to labor quickly and as time progresses, she can progress Research was done on the matter again, then it was discovered that I had to eat the superfine poor food.

I was notorious that there was something else in the papaya along with the pine. Papaya loss and due to it begin in pregnant women and feel pain starts before time. The child is not fully formed in the womb, it is not the right time. Along with coming out, the layer inside the womb is also relaxed, due to this the risk of miscarriage increases greatly, but notice one thing because of which it all hangs and it is only in raw papaya It is found only in ripe papayas.

so there is no harm due to eating papaya during pregnancy. He will not have an abortion. Yadav had told that the same thing happens in papaya in the hands of a bad name. Mr. helps to focus second constipation prevents anything Do not be alarmed if it takes therefore papaya is beneficial only to the extent or have a snack and papaya ripe during not eat singing pregnancy chances.