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Signs of corona virus,Coronavirus 2019

Coronavirus 2019: We will talk about korona virus is not just one day or group of virus is a more accurate what is known as, read it is a group of viruses and briefly about the new discovered in China, and let’s get started first we divide microbes into two bacteria fungi viruses and parasites today’s topic the Corona is a freaking virus.

Coronavirus 2019
Coronavirus 2019

Coronavirus 2019: the virus is not exactly living organisms in between its colorful living and nonliving some people considered as at the end of life.

 why do you consider it a nonliving thing because it lacks a cell structure Ok why is it similar to living things because it can replicate very quickly and that’s why we call to go viral everybody wants to go viral nobody wants to go bacterial.

 we first discover the students about 1892 that are less than 150 years ago which historical speaking is nothing.

 it doesn’t even show up viruses infect yourself and then the use your own self as a quote there any making machine DNA or RNA of course.

 so they affect yourself and the term bacteriophage bacteria virus that infects bacteria fate means it’s in the infect bacteria in other is a famous record Glucophage is motorman wide record failed because connected eating the Google decrease the level of glucose in the blood it makes yourself.

 eat glucose defending your body against viruses is the responsibility of your glorious Lymphocytes we divide into DNA viruses and RNA viruses koruna virus for viruses or neighbor if you want a crow Lazar 9 and uses and universe topic, that drives medical students nuts so go to help with that a YouTube channel.

Coronavirus 2019
Coronavirus 2019

 it’s great by the way this guy has a brilliant song to help you remember the DNA and RNA virus and this is from the distance of the universe.

 ok Sir Paisa portal Holy the second line No Entry full first line has been in love these are the seven the Universe of 15 to give play directory, and file keen si Andreas the last line none in Philips always are in below 20 non enveloped.

 viruses are also known as naked viruses which are slightly inappropriate for a medical lecture ok let’s make a discussion related to the current events.

This is a freaking flavor which is the name Ebola is final again Aaron ko Rona includes common cold virus cause, which is severe acute respiratory syndrome nurse which is middle Eastern respiratory syndrome am from its hitting how much meat and eat 2019 was discovered in 1994 new novel in French every day is the plural of virus it’s an RNA virus as you know he is your name of science in fact of the universe is a positive accept the red one so except for these 77 Delta is negative Arena negative and final is negative to affirmative negative all the others are positive-sense RNA viruses it’s a single-stranded RNA virus and its linear.

so all of them the history of circular and theoretical just remember about cupid of the virus in helical as a Process to work as a person to icosahedra about the it’s an envelope reverse as a post what is a poster naked told you always have an envelope with these no in some people think that corona viruses have been discovered 23 days ago there is a known as the 1960 the last one has been discovered 23 days ago 2019 novel coronavirus 15229 and ac 43 the 1960 and we have source CVS 484 human coniferous NL 63 and then HK Hongkong and it is also human U1 in 2005 which is the milk is respiratory syndrome in 2012 and the weather on 22 23 days ago in December 2019 New Year’s eve the first to do cause common cold sores is a severe acute respiratory syndrome this is famous and this one causes bronchiolitis hk1 causes respiratory disease nurse middle Eastern respiratory syndrome again respiratory diseases also known as the camel floor 2019 this is the hottest all of them cause respiratory diseases so how can we pray wash your hands do not get in contact with patients prevention is better than cure especially when there is no cure ok let’s talk about the wooden this brand new this is actually 23 days ago so we do not know a lot about this virus and am recording this on January 23rd 2020 anything can change in the next few days wait sorry dear so please forgive me for any mistakes this is just as for as .

I know who among these is the same thing as normal universe is the same thing as what to call it is also that 2019 and before all of these are synonyms ok give me a word that is synonym to synonym ok that’s a good question for you to enter in the comment section first cases of the vo Humko Rona virus was reported on December 31st 2019 then a source is done some people argue its best seafood in one of the market but it’s David because other people who had no contact what’s weather with the market developed virus snakes are probable wallpaper to stay with human to human transmission is possible on 10th January 22nd, 2019 it’s not considered as a p h a i buy the World Health Organisation what the flip is B H A V Public Health emergency SOF International concern so in other words it’s considered animals in China but not worldwide yet look Fox news papers love history epidemics outbreaks all of this because they get to sell more newspapers and we get you to click more on the order kal subah just to put things into perspective the number of deaths from various causes from 29th of December 24 23rd of January 2019 website 31st from heart disease more than 1 million people died from heart disease about corrections 9784 influenza virus 48225 and service moment but you will never hear about this tomorrow.

when you read the newspaper because it is not enough papers you hear about the Vahan and have the world is coming to an end and humanity as we know it is toast but as of this moment, you are why why why why why more likely to die from heart disease then from any coronavirus but if you watch the news 24/7 this will increase your stress levels which is correlated with heart disease you are not helping anybody and please rememberable remember when people were angry at former President Obama visit end of life, ok it’s true that Jeffrey and his body is are going to the base and an airplane is also true that will Kerala is going to see her grandmother what is also true that there is a neurosurgeon.

who is flying to say about 324 kids lives there is also a psychiatrist who is going to talk to some patients who are suicidal when u band all flights you might do more harm than good but don’t your work because it’s Friday has closed down some transfer a I know it happens in some cities, not the entire country first we don’t know yet it might be a good idea at my ID it might be a good idea for China a bad idea for another country I don’t know I am not an expert on these issues so please take my words with a grain of salt if you have any symptoms please talk to doctor and as I say one Disco imarat day keeps the lawyer at Bay is a great quote from that genius doctor Tum so there are no solutions in life only traders everything will have some desired effects.

and some side effects some great words from the insufferable is a dog in the on killing his a great person volleyball is bad it’s not forgotten this quote C V staff and floor ready Liye Hue mo so instead of ebola you can say while Krone is bad it’s not forget this code series 2nd-floor medical Dymo ok so what’s your prediction about the virus it’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future let’s see what happen.

when some people made some smart directions for even money with England will not exist in the year 2000 we are in 2020 and right now people in England for watching this video is a Professor at Stamford which tell you something is also the author of the famous book the population born which has lots of force productions here is another wrong prediction by another call by 2005 weekly the internet impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machines who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics which tells you something