Lucifer Season 6: Netflix Release Date & Everything We Know

Season 6 of Lucifer is coming to a conclusion. We’re not quite ready to say goodbye just yet, but at the very least, we’ll find out what happens after that heavenly cliffhanger sooner than we anticipated. To pick up where the Netflix drama left off, here’s what happened: God (Dennis Haysbert) returns to Earth in Season 5 to mend his damaged connection with his children. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Amenadiel (Dennis Haysbert) (D.B. Woodside). He announces his retirement because he is bored of being God and wants to be with the love of his life in a separate realm. 

This sets up an infernal battle between Lucifer and his evil twin, Michael (also Ellis), to see who can control the universe the best. And that’s when everything goes to hell. After engineering Dan’s (Kevin Alejandro) death just one episode earlier, Michael succeeds in killing Chloe (Lauren German) in an intense season finale duel. Lucifer is obliged to go to Heaven in order to save Chloe, but he dies in the process. He’s revived, just like Chloe, but this time with a higher status as the new God. 

The ending did leave a few questions unanswered: Is Chloe invincible? Lucifer’s plan for assuming God’s role is unclear. Will Lucifer ever lock his elevator door so that he and Chloe can share a romantic moment in peace? And, more importantly, what will Season 6 entail? Because it can’t possibly arrive soon enough.

TV Guide has assembled everything we know about Season 6 so far to help you count down the days until the final episodes of Lucifer air. 


Lucifer takes his time assuming his role as God in the final trailer for the sixth and final season of Lucifer. It’s a big job, as Chloe explains! An animated episode is also hinted at in the trailer.

The premiere date has been set.

Lucifer will be back in September. Lucifer will return for its final season on September 10th, according to Netflix, which revealed it at Comic-Con at Home 2021. They also released a teaser clip, in which Lucifer declares that this is his final night in Los Angeles. 

Lucifer season 6 cast

For reference, here’s the full Lucifer cast list:

  • Lucifer Morningstar/Michael Demiurgos is played by Tom Ellis.
  • Lauren German is a character in the film Decker, Chloe
  • DB Amenadiel is played by Woodside.
  • Mazikeen is played by Lesley Ann-Brandt.
  • Dan Espinoza is played by Kevin Alejandro.
  • Rachael Harris is a character in the film. Martin, Linda
  • Aimee Garcia is in the lead role. Ella Lopez is a model and actress.
  • Scarlett Estevez stars in the film. Espinoza, Beatrice ‘Trixie’
  • Eve is played by Inbar Lavi.
  • Dennis Haysbert is in the lead role. God
  • Scott Porter is a character in the film Carol Corbett is a well-known author. 


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At the conclusion of Season 5, Chloe announced her resignation from the LAPD in order to devote her time to Lucifer. Maze and Eve rekindled their relationship. Linda reconnected with her long-lost daughter, Michael’s wings were severed, and did I mention Lucifer is God?

A time jump will occur: Season 6 will begin with an undetermined time jump. According to showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson in an interview with ET. 

We’re going beyond the happy ending of a fairy tale: Despite the fact that Lucifer finally said “I love you” to Chloe at the end of Season 5: Lucifer writer Mike Costa said in an interview with LCL Reviews that Season 6 will continue to explore what happens after the characters presumably receive all they’ve ever desired. “Because many of our characters achieve their goals at the conclusion of Season 5, the best way to tease Season 6 is to address the question we tried to answer when we first started working on it. ‘What happens after Happily Ever After?'” 

Costa remarked, “Stories usually finish when a character gets what they really want, but life goes on after you have your heart’s desire. So we begin Season 6 with our characters confronting the reality that they have gotten what they wanted… Now what? And delving into that topic results in what is likely the most character-driven season of Lucifer to yet. Which is, to be honest, only appropriate for the last one.” 

Deckerstar material is on the way: Deckerstar didn’t get much one-on-one time to be a pair in the second part of Season 5 due to criminal solving, daddy issues, sibling rivalry, and, well, dying. The showrunners addressed lingering concerns about a possible lack of PDA in an interview with ET. “We’re going to see a lot more of Lucifer and Chloe together,” said lldy Modrovich, who also serves as co-showrunner. “In terms of an engagement, you simply have to tune in and see.” (However, in the Season 5 finale, we saw him place a ring on *that* finger!) 

There will be ten episodes in total: The last season will feature ten episodes, all of which will premiere on September 10. The episode titles were revealed by the show’s creators on Twitter. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Lucifer is the episode titles and how the fandom speculates on which character would say the title and in what context. 

Something extra 

The Black Lives Matter movement and Amenadiel’s decision to join the police force will be addressed by Lucifer. The season’s sixth episode, “A Lot Dirtier Than That,” written by Modrovich, will address BLM directly. But the movement will be a running theme throughout the season. “Season 6 devotes a significant amount of time to this. We were on Zoom only a few weeks after George Floyd’s death, and it was fresh in our memories “According to TV Guide, Modrovich. “We’re a cop programme, after all. We’re investigating crimes, and we didn’t want any of us to forget about it […] That’s the [storyline] we discovered: we do it from an emotional position through the eyes of a character, and we do it through our emotions and caring.” 

Is there going to be a seventh season of Lucifer?

Nope, and that’s it for the time being. Joe Henderson, the show’s co-showrunner, has categorically said that the show will not be renewed for a seventh season.

That’s all we know thus far about Lucifer season 6, which will premiere on Netflix soon. If you’re excited, let us know in the comments.