How To Minimize Your Wardrobe With Three Different Styles

Minimize Your Wardrobe

I’ve always felt drawn to several different styles at the same time — in interior design, in music, and especially in fashion. And, as I’ve established my personal style over the years, I’ve sometimes felt compelled to categorize it all under one mark, as if I wanted to “pick one” style and disregard the rest and minimize my wardrobe.

It’s no surprise that I’ve felt this way: personal style is frequently presented to us as an either/or proposition. Are you a traditionalist or a free spirit? A neutral or colorful? Soft or custom-designed?

But for me, either/or mentality makes fun of something that is supposed to be playful and open.

So I try to keep one or the other out of my own personal style. Instead, I choose three or so distinctly different styles, concentrate on some of my favorite style elements, and combine them to create my own unique style.

So today, I thought I’d dive into the three different styles that exist within my current style and closet.


The natural + relaxed aesthetic is the foundation of my style — it’s been the most consistent over the years.

Key elements Include:

  • Linen and cotton are natural materials
  • Basic shorts and skirts
  • Vintage denim, soft, use-in
  • Textural information such as paint, soft leather, wood, and ceramic.
  • Sandals flaccid (no heels)

In casual, daily environments – morning cafe runs, casual meetings with families or friends, relaxation at home, work on house projects, sales, etc. this section of my wardrobes is used the most.

Here’s an example of this style — almost like a mini capsule. Some of these items I own, and some are just items I like.

Minimize Your Wardrobe

2: SOPHISTICATED + CHIC Style to minimize your wardrobe

This is the newest style to join my closet. It surprised me because I am usually drawn to a more casual look. However, we recently I decide to make some change

Key elements include:

  • Floral print cami comfortable dress
  • Cute crop top
  • Normal top
  • Sculptural bags
  • Low wedge heels
  • Normal sneekers

This section of my wardrobe gets the most use in social or event settings — happy hour meetups, dinner dates with Aaron, going to a play or museum, etc.

How to Minimize Your Wardrobe


This style probably makes up the smallest section of my wardrobe, but since it’s so different than the other two styles I’ve mentioned in this post, it’s such a refreshing counterbalance when I’m craving something for a special occasion.

Key elements include:

  • Mini polka dresses
  • Maxi or midi lengths
  • A Jumpsuit
  • Simple, minimal sandals that draw some attention
  • Little to no jewelry
  • Open hair and little makeup

This section of my wardrobe gets used for just about small party look to a romantic date.

Minimize Your Wardrobe

MIXING IT UP to minimize your wardeobe

My favorite part of this whole thing? Taking each of these styles and mixing them together to create something unique.

One of my blogger friend says:

“A style is nothing more than a series of elements (e.g., color, form, texture, texture, details, particular objects, etc.) if you think of it. To merge two different esthetics, divide them into their elements and choose the elements you would like to include in the concept of your style.”

For example, I might mix my natural + relaxed denim shorts with a sophisticated + chic top and shirt. Or I might mix a romantic + boho floral dress with a pair of sophisticated + chic heels and earrings.

While it takes a bit of trial and error to figure out how to mix styles in a way that feels right to you, it can be a delightful process. All it takes is a playful attitude and a willingness to try something new.

• • •

And there you have it!

Now I want to hear from you! Do you ever feel some sort of external pressure to pick one style only, even though you like lots of styles? What are your best tips for combining different styles into your personal aesthetic? If you had to pick 3 styles you feel represent you, what would they be?