How to make a website or free blog on Google

How to make a website or free blog on Google : Creating your own website or blog is a dream of many people, but they do not know where else to build a website Kaise Banate Hai.

if you are looking for a website or blog Banane Ka Tarika, or you need your website Will also have to be made. So you have come to the right place, today we will tell you that the website or blog Kaise Banate Hain

How to make a website,Website Kaise Banaye
How to make a website,Website Kaise Banaye

All people have different meanings behind creating website or blog Banane on Google. Many people want to make money online through a website, then someone wants to create their own website, and many people also make a website to sell their products online.

There are many advantages of creating a free website on Google, so today we will tell you that Free Website Blog Kaise Banaye, but before that you should know the necessary information related to creating a website.

Website Kaise Banaye
The website Banane Ke Liye has several platforms on Google, from which you can build your website, some of them Paid Platform (for which you have to pay), and some Free Platform (for which no money is paid).

To create a paid website, you have to buy web hosting and domain name, for which you may have to pay some price. In this, you get many features (features) which are not found in the free website. So we will tell about them which is the most popular.

Blogger (Blogspot)

For your more information, we want to tell you that a blog and a website are the same thing, there is a slight difference because every blog can work as a website, but not every website can be a blog. So let’s know free blog Kaise Banaye Step By Step In Hindi

Step 1: Visit Blogger website

First you open the browser on your computer, after that you open the blogger’s website, (Blogger is a free service from Google), then click on “Sign in”, then you can use it. – Enter the mail id and password (for this you must have a Gmail account).

Step 2: Sign in

After signing in, a page will open in front of you, in which you click on “Create New Blog“. After clicking, a popup window will open in which the title, address and theme of the website will be entered.

Title – Here first you have to enter the name of your blog or website, like our website name is “Hindi Help”, then you can also enter the name for your website.

Address – Here you have to tell the URL of your website, what should be its address, you are creating a free website on Blogger, then you will get written in your website name, if you buy the domain with money from another website If you set it in Blogger, your website name will become the same.

Theme – After this you have to select a theme for your website. Here you have a lot of templates, you can choose one of them, so that your website looks good.

Step 3: Create a blog
After entering all the details, click “Create Blog”, so your free website is ready, you can try to locate the website in your website browser.

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Google property website Kaise Banaye
If you want to create a website like Google, follow the steps below:

Register domain name

Your domain name should be placed in a way that reflects your products or services, so that your users can easily access your business through search engines.

Users can expect your domain name to be similar to your business name. You can buy the domain name from a website like Godaddy or Bigrock but you have to pay for it.

If you do not know how to buy domain or about Godaddy Par Website Kaise Banaye, you can do this in our post domain Kaise Kharide? Can take help of

Find web hosting company

To get your domain name on the Internet, you need to find a web hosting company. Most internet services provide web hosting services. You can also get web hosting from Godaddy website. The monthly fee for web hosting depends on how big your website is or how many users visit your website.

Create your own content

Think about what kind of content a customer wants to get through your website. This will help you to find out what kind of information you should include in your website.

Pay special attention to the things that your customers are interested in, accordingly, structure your site so that they can easily find the things you need.

You can hire a professional developer to design your site, similarly you can also consider hiring a professional writer and editor to write and edit your website content.

Create your website

Now you can create your own website or get your website built by a professional developer. Remember you have to keep your websites updated. If you are a new blogger, then it is a good idea for you to build someone else’s website.

A professional web developer can build your site as soon as possible and give you suggestions for successful web design. In addition, it may be useful for you to hire a professional developer.

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Didn’t you see how easy it was to create a website? You can create your own website from home and if you have a business, you can also promote it through your website and grow your business, and if you have a business, you can get a free blog. Can make money by making and use the Internet. Is popular in the world.

If you have any question on how a website is created on Google or is related to Google Par Free Blog Kaise Banaye, then you can tell us by commenting and we are always ready to answer you. If you liked the post, then share the website Kaise Banaye Hindi Me Jankari with others so that they too can know about it, thanks!