How to Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight: Ever happened to you that you have gone to a wedding and you are told that the food will go by eating and you are thinking in your mind that is why you have come, but have you ever wondered how we eat in a wedding which would have been happening Let’s take it and we have to eat all the snacks that come towards us, after this, we fill the entire plate of the main course of knowledge of food, then fill the plate separately with the result.

 How to Lose Weight
How to Lose Weight

Along with cold drinks keep going, sometimes we wonder how much we are eating, then later find tea or coffee because we have to do it and in the same cycle, if we put some more calories in it then what? That’s right, you never eat so much at home, now you can eat something How to Lose Weight healthy even by going to their weddings. Last week I also had to go to a wedding and I also gave myself the challenge that I have been there Before going there,

I had no idea whether I was going to get some turmeric there or not, but believe me, I got so many options there which I never imagined, so today I am going to tell you that What are the turmeric items in the menu that you can eat freely and which should be avoided.

 So on reaching there, first of all, I noticed that there were many options in drinks but also in soft drinks and in a small amount but I took Jalajeera one is no sugar in it and secondly it is also good for laughs. Mouthwatering was coming but had chosen to be the most How to Lose Weight healthy among them, if you are healthy then there is nothing because oil and spices are there in everyone. Out of all the options that I got, I took Tandoori Paneer, at least it was not fried, believes in eating cheese and it also fills your stomach, then here is the same type for you that whenever you start taking fried food Instead of choosing tandoori options like mushroom soy chicken, etc. and how much you are eating, it is also important that if you intend to have a main course ie a plate of food, then this snack Grind two to three if you want to eat more, then support men, most of the people from Facebook think that who eats fruits after going to a wedding.

but those who have knowledge of nutrition know that it takes selfishness to eat fruits. Along with this, you also benefit, this section is also my favorite because I got to eat something sweet as a pretext, so I filled my plate with them. After about half an hour, the suit I took was mostly all How to Lose Weight healthy, just did not get some extra cream or butter, so the breadcrumbs should not be fried separately, but towards the main course, let me look at the options quite well. First of all, I also took cucumber carrot and radish solid because it is also very How to Lose Weight, like what you get in an injection this year like Chana Saale Dear Sprout Saale, so you can take that right for me as well as good and nutritious, yes, but keep in mind that I have not taken it from here. Curd is not Bhalla is deep-fried, so vote for it but You can take as much peace of mind as you like.

 How to Lose Weight
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 Now let us see what we can take in vegetables: Butter and ghee in Makhani lentils, then avoid it completely Pea Pulao is also a time to see, but I will try to take boiler plane rice cheese once again. I am taking a turn with this, a little mix vegetable, a little plain rice with it is also the season of greens, so I have to test it too. Avoid these are made from Hey and do not give you any benefit, I always like to take Tawa Roti, always take wedding bread or you can also take Missi Roti or Tandoori Roti without oil so my plate is ready to see. There is a lot of lens on my plate, it has all How to Lose Weight healthy vegetables, it also has a healthy option in the price. Roti also has the most How to Lose Weight healthy flour in it, in which the only yogurt remains. As you can see from the Sala, there is no side papad in it nor is there any pickle that I have many other turmeric options in it. You can also take the curry if you like but without the pakoras like spinach paneer If you like South Indian food then it can also be taken, you can also make idli sambar, but there are some things that you should vote for.

And that Makhni Dal Malai Kofta Damalu Pizza Pasta is a thing in any district with any Discovery food. I used to write names like Butter naan Jaga. If you eat non-veg, always give light not to eat fried chicken if not so much. So, crossing it, you must be thinking that right now it is left to know that sweet food is still left.

 Now there is nothing good in sweet whether Jalebi or Gulab Jamun is both deep-fried, whether it is Rabri or sugar is too much on the screen, then you have two choices. The first choice is that you do not eat anything sweet. You may find it strange to hear this, but there are many people who do not eat anything after the main course even after going to the wedding because they give priority to their health.

Now you will eat, but later you will pay the doctor’s fees and will also spend time, so why not take care from now and cannot live without it at all, the other option is that you must eat sweet but take care of the quantity of Persons. After eating more than two teaspoons of any dictionary, I feel like eating something sweet, I eat a piece of pineapple for closing or any season fruit but v. Keep in mind that do not eat the fruit immediately after eating, it is known for 15 to 20 minutes. You can take coffee if you want, but without sugar or with sugarfree, you can get green tea at weddings.

 So you can also take Anymore, by now you must have come to know that it is not that we cannot go to the wedding and eat quickly, but eating unhealthy things is just our choice, so keep in mind small things and it Enjoy the wedding season well and if you like this article, then like it and share it too.