A simple Guide for What to Wear In The Fashion Era!

what to wear in fashion era

In today’s world, a more relaxed attitude toward dress codes means having more fun with your fashion sense. In such a case, the burden of deciding what to wear and what not to wear falls on you. We would also like to have someone who can advise us on the subject. We end up standing in front of the wardrobe, undecided. Oh, no! I’d call it a daily dilemma.

Looking at the situation, we are here to help with seven outfit ideas for the entire week. For sure, we can guarantee you to look the most stylish woman in the room, no matter where you are.


Moon-day, as we named it, starting of the week. But because of the Sunday laziness, you will definitely want to wear something looks comfortable and stylish. This Retro style of dress is the favourites of the house. This 1 piece dress is a must-have this summer season. It is a comfortable and stylish dress softening the blow of leaving your weekend athleisure behind. This Retro dress looks so classy and perfect for Monday wear. Try this look to stand out of the group.


Swing into something classic with a combo of white and red colour. This combo is the picture of understated elegance and sets a sophisticated tone for the week ahead. The cool white colour with the colour of energy (red) radiates the sensual look. White colour elegant top and a red skirt will give you Energy to go out and complete your goals.


Jumpsuits on a Wednesday work well. But just make sure the color and texture should make you and others feel energetic. We make sure this Maroon Colar Neck Long Sleeves Jumpsuit is going to bring out the confidence you. If you are feeling low, need some energy during the mid-week, try this look. Also, you can give it a different vibe by adding some accessories from your wardrobe. Because accessories give a nice touch to any outfit. Even it can add a wow factor to a regular dress too.


This time of the week gives a feeling where we can sight the weekend, right? One can sense it. A long button casual dress would work great at this time. Pairing it with sandals gives a classy look, although you can pair it with sneakers to give a young sporty look. These kinds of outfits give a semi-formal tone to your look. One can easily switch the look with a change in shoes. Carrying a denim jacket along with the outfit will do great at work. And the Blazer/ Jacket can always be tossed aside for a coffee later.


Finally, Friday has arrived. This day should be renamed the blessed day of the week, in my opinion. Many workplaces mention Friday attire, while others do not. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get to wear our comfy denim jeans. Wear these sophisticated denim jeans with a  black Round Neck Top for a complete Friday look. Make a color combo that will give you confidence and also make you feel calm. Even if you’re wearing this outfit to work and have a party or outing planned shortly after. Put a party top or a peplum top with your work pants in your work bag and slip into it after work.


With the hectic week behind you, you can finally unwind on this day. There could be a get-together or date night planned for the evenings. Make preparations for the occasion in advance. When you plan for this day, shine out the Saturday with a bright look or add some lycra dark pink look in the planner. With this sleeveless & cute dress, you’ll be the talk of the town. Whether you’re saddled up to the bar or not, you’ll feel sensual.


What do you think of the ‘comfortable dress look’ for Sunday? It must make you feel at ease, right? After a stressful week of balancing work and outings, and another Monday approaches. To make yourself at ease, put on this Stylish dress with a crop top and a pair of sandals or sneakers. Depending on how you feel, you may or may not want to go out. Hang out with your friends, sit at home reading a book, working on your art, this look perfectly matches everything.

Basically, the idea was to teach you how to plan out your week and your outfits. It is not difficult to plan for a variety of looks for the entire week. By doing so, you can save time by planning ahead of time. You’ll be ready to tackle the new week with vigor and dedication.