How to Delay Your Period For a Day: Best Possible Ways

A person’s period might sometimes appear at inconvenient times, interfering with plans such as having sex or going swimming.

While these activities are possible to undertake while on your period, some women prefer to halt their period temporarily.

This article explores whether or not it is safe to skip a period for a day. 

How to make your period stop for a day

Certain types of hormonal birth control can help you postpone your menstruation. But that’s pretty much it for now.

Don’t be tricked into thinking that consuming apple cider vinegar or lemon juice on a daily basis will assist. None of these DIY home remedies will cause your period to be delayed.

If you’ve just realised that you have a big day coming up that also happens to be your period day, here are two types of hormone medication that may help. 

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Massage of the uterus

Getting an oil massage on your stomach might help to both delay and relieve period pain. However, this strategy only works if the message is delivered correctly, thus seeking professional assistance is essential.

Lie down on the mat.

Changing your living choices can help you postpone your period. If you begin an intensive workout soon before your period, your brain may be prompted to postpone your period. Intense activity causes the body to react differently, which temporarily suppresses your periods. 

Spicy foods should be avoided.

Spicy meals increase blood flow and help to start your menstrual cycle. Avoid hot foods like chillies, pepper, and garlic if you wish to do the opposite. The best method to avoid this is to stop eating spicy meals a few days before your period.

Juice of Lime

Because lime juice is high in vitamins and citric acid, drinking it before your period can help to delay your period, as well as making your flow lighter and reduce period problem. Taking lime juice a few days before your period is due will help you delay it without any problems. 

What happens if your period has already begun?

If your period has already begun, there is no magic pill that will make it stop right away.

However, there are several steps you may take to assist lower the flow, relieve pain, and possibly even reduce the number of days your period lasts.

Ibuprofen or Aleve are two options.

If your period has already begun, taking Ibuprofen or Aleve can help relieve menstrual cramps and cut your flow by 20% to 40%. These medications function by preventing the formation of prostaglandins, inflammatory molecules that cause uterine contractions. 

How to Exercise Properly

Frequent exercise can help lower the severity of cramps and other premenstrual syndrome symptoms. Exercise may even help you cut down on the number of times you have your period or lengthen it. It’s also worth noting that exercising excessively or beginning an intense new fitness regimen too soon can cause your menstruation to stop or become more irregular.

Have a good time.

The muscles in your uterus contract when you have an orgasm. If you’re already on your period, orgasming may cause blood to be ejected more quickly, resulting in a shorter period, however there isn’t much data to back this up. Menstrual cramps may be less severe if you have orgasms. 

Who Should not Stop period?

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Girls under the age of 15 should not stop their periods since it is critical to track the interval between cycles, the amount of blood lost, and the symptoms you are experiencing during the early years of the menstrual cycle.

The length and symptoms of a girl’s cycle can be used to determine the health of her reproductive system, as well as whether or not her ovaries are functioning properly or if there is a problem such as ovarian cysts. 

Last Word 

You can ask your doctor for a prescription drug containing the hormone norethindrone ahead of time, which you can start taking a few days before your period is due, if you wish to postpone your period for a day or two because you have an important event coming up.

If you’re already on the pill, skipping your placebo tablets may help you delay your period, though this strategy may not work unless you’ve been taking actual hormonal birth control pills for a few months. 

Hormonal birth control, such as continuous cycle tablets, implants, or IUDs, can completely stop your menstruation. It may take a few months for these strategies to work.

Exercise, drinking hot water, and eating calcium-rich foods may help ease some of the pain if you can’t delay your period and are having a difficult period, according to Ross. You can also take pain relievers like Ibuprofen or Aleve to stop the flow and relieve the cramps.