how malaria is treated

how malaria is treated : How does malaria develop? – Types, symptoms, causes and home remedies for malaria.

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  • Due to malaria
  • Malaria is a killer disease
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  • Plasmodium vivax
  • Plasmodium ovale
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  • how malaria is treated
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how malaria is treated
how malaria is treated

Many diseases in the world are caused by infections and parasites which have a very bad effect on humans and this disease can be fatal. For this reason, we have brought you information about a similar disease. Which you should know about, otherwise you can be a victim of it too. We are talking about malaria disease, so without taking much time, we get the main information about malaria.

Malaria is a disease whose patients will be found all over the world. The disease is usually caused by mosquito bites. Its effect is more during the rainy season because mosquitoes thrive more in rain. Millions of people die from the disease every year. Therefore, for your protection, today we are going to provide you information about Malaria Ke Lakshan, Malaria Ke Karan, Malaria Ke Prakar, how malaria is treated ,Malaria Se Kaise Bache and how malaria occurs.

Malaria Ke Lakshan aur Bachne Ke Upay

What is Malaria

Malaria is an infectious disease caused by the bite of a female mosquito. In which a parasitic bacterium Plasmodium is found which causes malaria. This bacterium gets into our body by mosquito bite, due to which we have to fall prey to diseases like malaria. Malaria Day is celebrated on 25 April every year all over the world to make people aware.

Malaria Ki Khoj Kisne Ki:

Ronald Ross was the first to detect malaria. Which detected malaria-like illness around 1894. He also received the Nobel Prize in 1902 for studying and discovering the disease.

symptoms of malaria

If you want to avoid malaria fever, then you should know about Malaria Ke Lakshan In Hindi, which we have told you below.

A person gets fever due to cold in it.
Headache is very severe.
The patient sweats and then fever starts to subside.
Feeling very weak and nauseous.
Pain starts in the joints of the body.
The pupils of the patient’s eyes and the palm of the hand turn yellow.

Due to malaria

The main cause of malaria is the Anopheles female mosquito and when the mosquito bites, it transmits Plasmodium bacteria in our body that reach the liver through the blood stream and increases its numbers there leading to malaria. . In this situation, giving blood to another person can also cause malaria.

Malaria is a killer disease

Malaria is mainly caused by five types, which have been explained to you further, so let’s know about them:

Plasmodium falciparum

Malaria caused by this bacterium is considered very dangerous and due to this, most people are killed, it is mainly found in Southeast Asia, South America and Africa. It mainly includes symptoms like fever, vomiting, headache.

Plasmodium vivax

This type of malaria is found worldwide and it is most commonly seen in malaria people. Approximately 60% of malaria in India is due to this. It has far fewer people killed than Plasmodium falciparum, it causes hand, foot, and headache, and fever.

Plasmodium ovale

This malaria is found everywhere, but its greatest effects are seen in West Africa. This malaria is rarely caught because its parasites remain in your body for years without showing any symptoms.

Plasmodium malaria

This malaria is found all over the world. But there is no danger to human beings from this malaria, he feels cold and high fever.

Plasmodium knowledge

This type of malaria is rarely seen in people and it is not dangerous either. It is commonly found in Southeast Asia, it becomes feverish due to severe cold and causes headaches.

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Malaria test

If you see signs of malaria inside you, first of all get malaria test done for malaria treatment. There are two ways to test for malaria.

Through blood tests, you will get to know about malaria which you can easily do by going to the hospital.
Several rapid antigen test kits are also available to conduct malaria testing. With the help of which you can easily check for malaria.

For this, you have to put a drop of blood in that kit and wait for some time, after that it will tell about the negative and positive. If you are using a kit, read the complete information about that kit.

On top of escaping malaria

how malaria is treated
: To prevent malaria, we must first maintain hygiene around us and do not allow water to accumulate anywhere around us, as mosquitoes thrive in those that cause malaria. Cover the pot of drinking water with a lid and clean it every other day. Keep changing the water in your home’s cooler from time to time and keep it clean if there is no need for a cooler, drain. Use a spray, coil or gel to prevent mosquito bites.

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Home remedies to prevent malaria

Malaria is a disease in which you should consult a doctor first, but in many places, Ayurvedic medicine or home medicine can also be used for malaria treatment, which we have told you below. .

Fever, vomiting, pain in hands and feet, loss of appetite are common in malaria, Ginger is considered very good for relieving all these things, for this you can cut ginger in water. Boil and consume that water, you will get a lot of relief from the problem of malaria.

You can also use alum to get relief from malarial fever, for this you have to take a little alum and then roast it on a pan and make powder, after that you will have to drink half a teaspoon of powder in a glass of water.
In case of malaria, dry out the bark of the berries and then make the powder and consume it with jaggery in the morning and evening, this recipe will give you great relief from malaria.

Tulsi and black pepper are also considered good for malaria, for this you need to grind 8-10 basil leaves and 6-7 black peppers and consume this mixture with honey twice a day, this will give you a lot of Will get rest.
If you eat fenugreek seeds in malaria fever, it will help you a lot in fighting malaria and will cure malaria weakness.

If you have malaria, then you have to consume more and more orange juice, by doing this your problem will be solved soon.

Malaria Daw

In today’s time, many medicines to fight malaria have come on the market, but before taking any such medicine, one must consult a doctor, otherwise it can be harmful for you.


Malaria is a very dangerous disease which is spread by mosquitoes due to which millions of people are killed every year. That is why we informed you about the complete information about malaria, so that you can avoid this disease and also protect your family.

In today’s article, we have given you information about symptoms of malaria, treatment of malaria and prevention of malaria etc. If you found this important information beneficial today, then share our post Malaria Se Kya Hota Hai with your family members as much as possible so that they too can benefit from this information.