How Long Does It Take To Lose Belly Fat: What Works and What Doesn’t

Belly fat is the most common issue present among people. The simple reason could be bad habits, unhealthy diet or disease. However everyone desires to lose some of their pounds but how long does it take to lose belly fat. Here are the things that work and that don’t. 

What is belly fat

Another term used to describe belly fat is, ‘subcutaneous fat’. It is fat located within the subcutaneous tissue of the body. The skin is where this subcutaneous fat is located. So it is not fat at all but a by-product of how the body works. The body does not want to be in this situation so what it does is build more subcutaneous fat. 

What are the causes of Subcutaneous Fat? 

There are numerous factors that cause subcutaneous fat. The list below outlines the main ones. Food & Beverages The foods you eat will determine what type of subcutaneous fat you have. It will be a combination of the types of food you eat, and the amount of time you are not consuming the foods you eat.

How to lose belly fat? 

When losing fat it is necessary to get your metabolism running as high as possible. Dr. Miltiades Kalypso explained in his book and video that metabolism can be referred to as the amount of calories that a body burns in a day. 

The fat stored in the belly of a man may require more calories than a body which has been lean and light. That is why people in a particular size may require slightly more calories than a person of a different size for the body to gain fat. 

However, on the flip side, weight loss can also take place without shedding body fat. A very popular diet plan that utilizes the concept of metabolism is Paleo Diet. It involves following foods that were part of the ancestral diet, which has been eating staple foods which have been consumed by humans since the beginning of time.

How Long Does It Take To Lose Belly Fat?

It is very difficult to lose fat permanently on a restrictive low calorie diet. You need to eat lots of high quality food. Fats, carbs, and proteins are all very important in weight loss. Your energy needs are going to increase during weight loss. 

It takes around 2 weeks on a healthy diet, to reduce belly fat. If you are not reducing belly fat after 2 weeks, you need to get more serious about your weight loss and nutritional requirements. 

How Much Weight Does A Person Really Need to Lose: What weight do you need to lose? Does a person really need to lose a certain amount of weight? Is there a “magic” number of pounds that a person needs to lose? The truth is, losing weight is a balance of many factors.

The Most Common Misconceptions About Belly Fat

No matter how big you are, you will have belly fat. The majority of us. The average adult female has about 40-50% body fat. The average male has about 25-30% body fat. You may be shocked at the amount of fat on your midsection, but the truth is that this belly fat is present on everyone. 

Even people who are extremely fit have this type of belly fat, and they don’t really know it. In fact, according to US News, the “shape of one’s midsection can be an indicator of health or illness.” You may be wondering, “What the hell is a midsection anyway?” Well, according to Healthline, the midsection is the “front portion of your waist”. 

But where does that midsection “spring forth from”? Well, it’s quite obvious that it’s because that midsection is literally hanging down into your legs.

Diets that work for belly fat reduction

Most people lose the majority of fat from their midriff by modifying their diet. In addition to diet changes, exercises and lifestyle factors are necessary to get rid of belly fat fast. Foods that help reduce fat from the belly: Drinks that reduce belly fat: Different foods, drinks and exercise may contribute to belly fat reduction, but the overall concept is simple.

Diet supplements that work for belly fat reduction

Fat loss and fat loss supplements can be costly, therefore, they are recommended to be used only by those who can afford to spend a considerable amount of money on a medicine or supplement. However, there are also effective and inexpensive diet pills and supplements that can help you lose belly fat fast and naturally. 

The most effective diets for reducing belly fat are low carb diets, Mediterranean diets, low carb high protein diets, the Ketogenic diet, and Weight Loss Diets. Low Carb Diet A low carb diet is an eating plan that is low in carbohydrates (defined as a ratio of total carbs to total calories). The total carbs that you consume in a day must be less than 50 grams.


Your belly fat is one of the easiest areas to get rid of but the slowest to lose. It takes roughly three months to lose the fat from your belly fat. However, the bad news is that it’s a long, slow process. The other point is that belly fat loss tends to be more difficult to target in larger sizes because your body tends to store belly fat around the middle. 

This is because your belly fat is more easily lost in large sizes due to the fat being mostly in one location, while losing fat from smaller areas is more difficult due to fat moving around. That’s why big guys tend to have more trouble losing belly fat than smaller guys.