how diabetes is diagnosed

how diabetes is diagnosed : What is diabetes, how is diabetes? – Diabetes Symptoms and Remedy in Hindi.

how diabetes is diagnosed
how diabetes is diagnosed

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It is common in today’s changing lifestyle to have diseases. Changing lifestyle also affects our body, due to which the body is surrounded by many diseases. One of these diseases is diabetes which is still seen more in people. So for this, today we will tell you that Diabetes Kaise Khatam Kare

The causes of diabetes also cause other types of diseases in the body. It has a bad effect on all parts of the body. It can also be fatal if diabetes is not treated in time. So further you will know that Diabetes Ke Kya Lakshan Hai so that you will be able to control diabetes in time.

What is diabetes

When the blood glucose levels are high, it is called diabetes. Diabetes disease greatly affects the kidney. Diabetes is called diabetes in Hindi. Along with the elders, this disease is also seen in children, most of the diabetes patients are present in India.

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Diabetes Kaise Hota Hai

When insulin reaches the body in small amounts and it causes increased glucose in the blood, it causes diabetes. Insulin hormone is produced from the digestive gland of the body. Insulin hormone converts food into energy. It is through this hormone that the level of sugar remains in control and when there is diabetes, the body is not able to get energy properly from the food, due to which excess amount of glucose starts damaging parts of the body. .

What is pre diabetes

This is the condition before type 2 diabetes occurs. Pre-diabetes patients do not know its symptoms. The person has diabetes, but cannot be detected at the time of testing.

What is gestational diabetes

Diabetes during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes. There are many changes in the body of a pregnant woman during pregnancy. Due to which the amount of sugar in the blood increases. This condition is called gestational diabetes.

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Diabetes Ke Lakshan

Different types of symptoms are seen in the body due to diabetes. By which you can find out that you have diabetes.

Going to the bathroom more often is the most important symptom of diabetes.
It also has an effect on the eyes. Eyes become weak and eyesight decreases.
When the sugar level in the body becomes high, the appetite starts and there is no feeling of fullness.
Skin problems also occur due to diabetes like boils etc.
Thirst also begins to increase.

If there is an injury or wound somewhere in the body, it does not heal quickly.
So if you see symptoms of this type of diabetes, get your doctor checked immediately.

Diabetes damage

If you are suffering from diabetes then you need complete care. There are many types of damage in the body due to diabetes.

Diabetes has the worst effect on the kidney.

It has effects on various body parts.
The blood flow in the feet decreases due to which the problem of cutting the legs increases.
This increases the risk of heart diseases and can also lead to heart attack.
The eyes, brain and teeth also suffer a lot of damage.
Diabetes Kaise Check Karte Hain
You can check diabetes at home with the help of a glucometer, so let’s know how to check for diabetes with a glucometer.

First, wash your hands with clean water and wipe well.
Read the label instructions on the glucometer and prepare the glucometer.
Now place the test strip in meters.

Next, apply a lancing device to your finger and take a drop of blood.
Now take the device near the test strip and touch a very small amount of blood on it.
Within seconds your glucose level will be displayed on the meter.

Diabetes Ke Gharelu Upchar Or how diabetes is diagnosed

Home remedies can also be done to reduce diabetes. Which can be done under diabetes control.

  • Eating berries is beneficial for a diabetic patient.
  • Sugar level is also controlled by the use of cinnamon powder.
  • Bitter gourd juice helps a lot in controlling diabetes.
  • Carrots, beets, citrus fruits reduce the amount of sugar from the body.

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Diabetes Ke Liye Dawai

Check your sugar level regularly and consult a doctor. Do not take diabetes medicine from your mind and take any kind of medicines only after doctor’s advice. If you are pregnant then you should be very careful. If you want to take any kind of medicines when you are diabetic, please consult a doctor.

Diabetes Ke Liye Yoga In Hindi

Yogasanas will help you overcome diabetes. By doing these yogasanas you can control diabetes.


This asana is very beneficial in diabetes. Blood pressure is also controlled by this asana and the digestive system is also right. A diabetic patient should do this routine.


This asana activates the pancreas. Which leads to an increase in the amount of insulin. Kurmasana is also beneficial for heart disease.


This asana also helps eliminate diabetes. This asana also removes fatigue and stress.


If you are not treated for diabetes in time, it can be very dangerous for you. Pay more attention to your daily lifestyle, balance your diet and include exercise in the daily routine, do not let obesity grow, along with that what we have given you today is Diabetes Ke Baare Mein Jankari to help you control diabetes Will help

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