Eat green chutney for weight loss

Eat green chutney :

If you want to lose weight, then most of the people would be advising you that you should eat pickle sauce or not because it is because most of the chat foundations contain more salt and sugar and oil which can only increase the weight, so today I am for you I have brought such a green chutney which will not only help in weight loss but will also give you a lot of notation because we will make it with 5 types of green leaves Now we often make coriander and mint Eat green chutney, do you know that just putting green leaves in this Eat green chutney can be doubled, but before starting it, first like this article and our website Also subscribe how weight loss article can reach you first.

Eat green chutney
Eat green chutney

 So let’s start first, we will take mint leaves and take fresh green peppermint and remove its leaves, along with the different taste and aroma, this peppermint makes our direction good and just relaxes our stomach and saves all the stomach diseases. We have kept away the coriander leaves and throw away its roots, but along with the profitable leaves, at this time also there is fragrance and taste. In very can drastically reduce the stomach.

 If you eat only the best coriander raw, then it can reduce your sugar level very easily. Fiber and Vitamin City are in very good quantity, so it should be eaten every day. Basil leaf basil is also an herb that has been around for centuries. How many ayurvedic medicines are used that can cure fever and also gives stress with antibacterial properties and benefits from so many Due to this, it is recommended to eat it every day, hard leaves will be found very easily, you can easily get rid of the fight that has gathered in your body if you eat only 5 to 7 hard leaves every day. They are also very beneficial for curry leaves and hair and that is why they should be eaten every day and finally, we are taking radish leaves is often given lion in how many bytes in the leaves. There are no entrances. Radish leaves have more fiber than radish.

Eat green chutney
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So that the digestion is good, eating these leaves daily also increases our immunity and it can not protect us from diabetes, so as you have seen how beneficial all the leaves are for us, this leaves us taking our diet every day in some way or the other. And the benefits of eating raw make them lean and that’s why eating them in Eat green chutney form is the easiest and tastiest way to get all the leaves easily You can get these plants planted in your house and you can take advantage of fresh leaves every day, even if there are no leaves of all kinds in your city, it doesn’t matter if you can get green leaves with them. Can make Eat green chutney.

 The more types of leaves, the more benefit you will get with the integral leaves, we will take six garlic buds and we will cut them 1-inch grated ginger, three to four green chilies and one lemon one teaspoon of diamond with it, add salt and water. Now take all these ingredients in a mixer or any blending, take the mint and coriander leaves according to the big bowl and the rules according to the small bowl Let radish leaves and stiff leaves all children put we all Kreedent except it Chopper lemon am I taking to make the green sauce is washed well with and High-Speed ​​Land you only add water.

I am adding one teaspoon of rock salt to it. If you have rock salt navel, then you can add black salt. Now I am adding 102 teaspoons of water to it. Blend it well once again. Remove lemon juice in a ceramic pot and our Eat green chutney is ready. Enjoy any roti rice sandwich with china, you can store it in fresh for 1 week, so how was it? Mari’s article today tell us in the comments and definitely like and share this article as well.