dark circles remedy at home

dark circles remedy at home : Dark Circle Kaise Hataye? – 10 Effective Home Remedies Caused by Dark Circles and Removal

dark circles remedy at home
dark circles remedy at home

List of topics

  1. Dark circles Kaise Hota Hai
  2. Heredity
  3. Anemia
  4. Aging
  5. Fatigue and lack of sleep
  6. Hormonal changes
  7. nasty habits
  8. Do not remove eye makeup before bed
  9. The medicines
  10. other factors
  11. Dark Circle Ke Gharelu Upay
  12. From tomatoes
  13. From milk
  14. From almonds
  15. Olive oil
  16. coconut oil
  17. rose water
  18. Green tea
  19. Aloe vera
  20. Honey
  21. potato
  22. How to dark circles permanently
  23. Laser treatment
  24. Chemical Pilling
  25. Acute pulse and mild treatment
  26. Surgery
  27. Dark Circle Se Bachne Ka Tarika
  28. Sleep
  29. Yoga
  30. Nutritious food
  31. Dark Circles Removal Cream

Many times we see that the color under the eyes of many people turns black and becomes dark circles which are very ugly. Although most of the problems occur to women, the men have not escaped the dark circle. Usually this problem can be seen in people above 16 years. In the language of science, these dark circles remedy at home are known as periorbital dark circles.

Today, dark circles remedy at home are a very common problem that can happen to anyone, causing a person to look tired, aged, depressed, stressed and ill. Today we will show you the causes of blackness under the eyes and how to remove dark circles. If you are also troubled by dark circles and want to get rid of it, then read this post in our entirety.

Dark Circle Kaise Hataye

Dark circles Kaise Hota Hai
If you are looking for which vitamin to dark circle deficiency, then for your information, let us know that dark circles remedy at home are mainly due to deficiency of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin K.

It also promotes dark circles. Why dark circles occur Causes of Dark Circles are shown below. With which you can easily understand the reasons for dark circles:


In most cases dark circles remedy at home under the eyes are blood vessels that can be easily seen on the skin under the eyes. The skin around the eyelids is the thinnest skin in the body. When the blood passes through here, it creates a light blue spot and the more transparent the skin is or the stronger the genetic properties (found from parents or the elderly), dark circles appear. Huh.


Due to lack of nutritious elements in the food and not taking balanced diet, dark spots can form under the eyes. Iron deficiency is a major symptom of anemia in our body and due to anemia, the body also does not get the right amount of oxygen. It is predominant in dark circles.


The skin around the eyes is very thin and as it ages, it becomes thinner due to which the blood flowing to the eyes starts appearing in the dark circles.

Fatigue and lack of sleep

Inadequate sleep often causes dark circles. Nowadays this problem is being seen a lot. Getting minimum 8 hours of sleep is very important to keep the human body healthy, but due to the busy life nowadays, people are not able to get enough sleep due to which the skin becomes dry and dry and dark spots appear around our eyes. Starts giving. sees like.

Hormonal changes

Many hormonal changes are seen in women after pregnancy and menstruation, which causes stress and lifestyle changes and also brings dark circles.

nasty habits

Smoking, drinking alcohol etc. are very harmful. Due to these bad habits, blood vessels deepen, causing dark spots to appear under the eyes.

Do not remove eye makeup before bed

Although all women love makeup, but some women love makeup so much that they do not remove makeup even at bedtime and go to sleep applying makeup. Due to which there is excess oil and dirt and the eyes do not get tired. Because of this, dark circles start forming.

The medicines

Many people take regular medications that widen blood vessels and blood flow starts to appear as dark spots outside the skin.

other factors

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, the disease can also occur due to more tears, more time working on the computer, allergies, staying in the sun longer and drinking less water. Drinking less water causes dehydration and dark circles remedy at home.

Dark Circle Ke Gharelu Upay

If there are genetically dark circles, it is very difficult to remove them. The dark circle is depicted below, and with the help of this, you can finish the dark circle. So let us tell you ways to remove dark circles in Hindi:

From tomatoes

Tomato is the king of kitchens and is easily found in every household kitchen. Mix one spoon of tomato and one spoon of lemon juice in the bowl and apply it on dark circles, wash it with cold water after 10 minutes and use this method 2 times a day for about 2 weeks. Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is largely beneficial for the skin, eliminating dark circles.

From milk

As we all know that milk makes bones strong, but did you know that, it also helps in removing dark circles. Soak cotton in a quarter cup of cold milk and keep this cotton on your dark circles for 15 minutes and then wash it with cold water. Lactic acid is found in milk which cures the skin. Dark circles can be eliminated using this method once daily for about 2 weeks.

From almonds

It is considered very good to use almond oil for dark circles. Before going to bed every night, take a few drops of almond oil and massage it gently with light hands and then wash it after getting up in the morning.

Almonds have emollient properties which make the skin soft as well as improve it. For Dark Circle Ke Upay, sweet almond oil should be applied daily until dark circles are removed.

Olive oil

Olive oil or olive oil contains anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and a variety of nutritional elements that help keep the skin healthy. Massaging around the eyes daily with olive oil before sleeping at night is beneficial in dark circles.

coconut oil

Massage it with coconut oil on a dark circle before going to bed and leave it overnight. The moisturizing and nutritional properties present in coconut oil help in getting rid of dark circles in the skin.

rose water

Rose water contains many antioxidants, which is helpful in keeping the skin young. Nowadays rose water is easily available in the market. For better results, keep the cotton wool in rose water daily for 15 minutes and then wash it with cold water for four consecutive weeks.

Green tea

Green tea is a very good domestic medicinal source to lose weight or to remove dark circles. Anti-polyphenol acts as an anti-oxide to keep two tea bags immersed in water in the fridge daily and to cool them after placing them on the eyes, which helps to remove dark circles.

Aloe vera

Be it any skin disease, aloe vera is the first name. Aloe Vera hydrates and relaxes the skin and is also rich in Vitamin E. Until the dark circles are over, the gel should be applied every night for 10–12 minutes and after sleeping with cotton, it should be put to sleep.


Many health secrets are hidden in honey. Take one to two teaspoons of honey daily, apply a thin layer of honey on the dark circles under both eyes and wash it with water after 15-20 minutes. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in honey serve as food for the skin and help to remove dark circles.


Potato vegetable is liked by all and is an important part of the kitchen of all households. Potatoes contain many nutritious ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. To remove dark circles remove the juice of a raw potato, soak cotton in this juice and apply it on the dark circles of the eyes for 10-15 minutes and then wash the eyes with cold water. Do this for at least 3-4 weeks.

How to remove dark circles permanently

If you want to get rid of dark circles forever or if your dark circles do not heal with home remedies, then you need medical treatment. To eliminate dark circles, you can incorporate medical treatment to remove dark circles in the following ways:

Laser treatment

Laser treatment is the best and effective method of treating dark circles. In this treatment, the skin under the eyes becomes soft and soft with the help of ultraviolet or infrared light. This light makes energy inactive through the skin and the skin absorbs this energy and helps to remove dark circles. You do not need to be hospitalized for this treatment, this process is completed in about 1 hour but you need to take 3-6 sessions.

Chemical Pilling

This method is used to eliminate stains, spots, wrinkles and dark circles. This treatment is performed by a dermatologist and anesthetic. Chemical piling removes the layer of dull and damaged skin, and its removal reveals a new skin.

It is of three types (surface, medium and deep chemical piling) and also takes time according to the type of piling. Surface piling takes minimal time and recovery is also quick. Medium chemical piling takes about 40 minutes and heals in 5-6 days. Deep chemical takes one to one and a half hours and it takes 10-15 days to recover.

Acute pulse and mild treatment

It is also called IPL treatment, it is also a laser-assisted light technique. It destroys cells that spoil the beauty of the skin to eliminate dark circles. It makes the skin soft by producing high energy light waves and the skin color also stops looking darker. This treatment is slightly more expensive than other treatments and takes one to one and a half hours and requires 4-5 sessions to participate.


Blepharoplasty surgery is performed by plastic surgeons to remove black snakes. In this surgery, the moisture under the eyes is removed, causing the swelling and dark circles under the eyes to disappear.

Dark Circle Se Bachne Ka Tarika

If you are experiencing symptoms of light dark circles or if you do not have dark circles and you do not want this problem, then we have listed the remedies for dark circles below. With the help of which you can avoid dark circles:


The best way to get dark circles Se Chutkara is to get 7-8 hours of complete sleep every day, it not only relaxes your eyes but also gives you a dark circle.


There are many Yogasanas like Pranayama, Surya Namaskar, Shavasana etc. which keep the body stress-free and healthy. The risk of any disease is almost eliminated in people doing yoga daily.

Nutritious food

Today’s lifestyle has also changed the eating habits of the people, eating fast food like pizza, burgers, Chinese etc. does not provide proper nutrition to the body and many diseases are also started. Green leafy vegetables, fish, chicken, walnuts, almonds and fresh fruits should be consumed to avoid dark circles, due to which the body gets enough vitamins and other nutritious ingredients.

Dark Circles Removal Cream

There are many dark circle creams available in the market to remove dark circles, out of which the best creams for dark circles are shown below.

  • Himalaya Herbals Under Eye Cream
  • DCR (Dark Circle Remover) Lotion
  • NIVEA MEN Dark Spot Reduction Cream
  • Aroma Magic under eye cream
  • Patanjali Anti Wrinkle Cream


Everyone wants to look beautiful and in such a situation, if there are dark circles on the face, then every person gets tense and due to which dark circles start coming. Friends, today we have told you in detail about Aankho Ke Niche Kalapan Kyu Hota Hai and apart from this we have also told you Dark Circle Khtam Krne Ke Tips.

Therefore, friends, we are very confident that if you sacrifice stress and adopt the remedies given by us, your dark circles will be completely corrected. If you liked our post, do not forget to share it, so that other people also know how to remove dark circles.


The information about black circles given by us is just to make you aware about it. Use of any dark circle cream, medicine etc. can cause infections and other serious diseases. Do not use any cream or medicine without doctor’s advice.