Coronavirus mask guide | Coronavirus mask N95

Coronavirus mask N95: Anti-pollution masks are a necessity for people, especially those living in urban areas. Here I am talking to According to the doctor and she provides a guide on the different types of anti-pollution masks available in the market and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

According to the doctor, she researched before buying the mask that she is wearing in the article:

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The common masks available in the market are:

  1. Surgical Masks – These masks are meant for use in hospitals. It does not offer any protection against pollution. Hence, the doctor does not recommend it.
  2. N95 masks – It is the most commonly used mask. It can filter 95% of the pollutants such as dust, mites, bacteria, and viruses of particulate matter of up to 2.5 microns in size. The clip-on that rests on the tip of the nose can be adjusted for fit. However, it is not very comfortable. According to the doctor does not recommend it especially for people with breathing problems.
Coronavirus mask N95,Coronavirus mask, N95 mask
Coronavirus mask, N95 mask, coronavirus,

Also, since it is not available in different sizes, it will not be ideal for children.

Advantages – Provides 95% protection against PM 2.5 and is economical. The single-use mask can be bought for INR 90-150.

Disadvantages – It does not provide comfort, its fit is not good, there are no size options and it is not reusable.

Coronavirus mask N95: N95 Masks with a respiratory valve – It is more comfortable than N 95.

The respiratory valve allows for easy breathing, especially if you have to wear it for long hours.

Each mask has three layers of filters for added protection

Advantages – People with breathing difficulty will find it more convenient. It is economical and can be bought for INR 150-300

Disadvantages – There are no size options and it is not reusable.

3. N 99 Vog Masks – Of all the masks, According to the doctor Sharma says this is the easiest to wear and it is easy on the face

The special feature of this mask is the addition of the charcoal layer which protects against gas fumes and sculpture dioxide.

It has two respiratory valves for comfortable breathing

It can filter up to 99% of pollutants up to 2.5 microns in size.

Advantages – It is available in different sizes, and is, therefore, suitable for use in all age groups children. It can be reused for 5-6 months and is washable.

Disadvantages – This cost is high about INR 2000


Whichever pollution mask you choose, you should definitely wear one during the pollution season to breathe easy.

Karona virus originated from China and thousands of people have died in many countries of the world, people are afraid to join hands, an advisory is being issued, sales of masks have increased, the question is whether everyone must wear face masks.

There is no WHO advises meat in certain cases, in fact, it is necessary for them or it is difficult to breathe or problems like fever if you do not have this problem.

It is not advisable to wear the Karona virus that is infected. It is advisable to wear it if someone is found to be Karona virus-positive. Wearing a mask when in the same room with it is necessary to change it 7 times. It happens because the effect is over.

Wash your hands with a sea tiger. For this, ordinary mothers do not work, so what were the months which should be used or not. Those who do not use surgical masks, many people are seen wearing sky blue color, they are quite thin, they will not be able to help in any way.

This means that 95 foreign 350 masks have a respiratory system ie The water system is good, it is disposable and can be found in 50 to ₹ 100, there is a more capable filter installed, it is near 99% of the air It is able to stop. It says one or two of these but it is two that come in the Mark 3 layer filter and are absolutely airtight and also very expensive.

Those who make it claim to stop bacteria up to 95% of the players. It is forgiven for this, besides marks like class 12th CMD can be used, more people are coming from abroad, they are being treated as passengers.

Screening is being done at different places and the idea of ​​people going to Iran has also been banned from travelers coming from fond countries. So far cases of infection of Coronavirus in 87 countries.

NOTE: This article is meant for information and awareness purposes only. It is not an endorsement of any brand or product. Go to a shopping website to buy your anti-pollution face mask for summers and winters!