How To Prevent Corona In Pregnancy

Signs and Symptoms COVID-19

coronavirus in pregnancy: Today, we are going to get information about how to protect against coronavirus in pregnancy, which is the fear of everyone who is in your mind right now and it is happening first in the whole world and it has just taken the form of an epidemic.

 Recently, it has been named as Global Emergency in the World Health Organization. I think it is very important to know about the compassion virus because our immunity in pregnancy is reduced a bit, in pregnancy, our immunity power is low, to fight the infections that come to us, which is the capacity of the body, which is immunity, it remains pregnant. If it works, then we will know what is this coronavirus in pregnancy, how it comes, how it spreads and how to avoid it. A. What do we have to do?

coronavirus in pregnancy
coronavirus in pregnancy

 This is a new member of Karo Na Bhai Re Karo Na Family just as our mobiles have new versions, however, this is a new version of Karo Na Family and due to this, its features are going to be a bit different from the new version of the family. There is a family who has a lot of coronavirus in pregnancy about swine flu, to whom we all cough, but it has been seen many times that do not do it, brother, it gets changed and then it crosses. Es went to get nutrition and sometimes it is not too fast are serious and are very moved all go like that was touched 8 members was in 2002 and lasted him a lot.

 Like this, the new virus that was born at the end of 2019 is called Noble coronavirus in pregnancy, yet we do not know the properties of it, that is, we do not know the property of it well but you do not have to be afraid of the name Karo Naa thousand times. Neither has come and gone in our body, so let us know again what is compassion and not its symptoms.

 Common cold coughs remain as they are or not, a cold, a cold, a pain in the body, a headache, a sore throat, a chest pain, we start having difficulty in breathing, our fever increases and then we need to hospitalize. Seems to be needed.

 We have to get admitted in the hospital, the game will know how it spreads.

 A lot of misconceptions about its spread have become prevalent, that is, it is caused by eating non-veg, it is by eating chicken, but it is by eating eggs, but Nobel’s brother rest is the new virus which has been discussed till now which has been studied. Previously, the outbreak or not of the coronavirus was believed to have happened due to an infection, and it was believed that the current Nobel is also infected. The primary idea that the Magadad factor is made from morality is that the person is the person who is the infected person, who is the affected person, his laughter brings out the tiny droplets which are not visible to us and whose dispersal in his air I am getting more than that. Person to person infection is going big.

Sometimes it happens that an infected person wins and eats a lot of drops from his chocolate. It falls on the trees, it falls on their clothes, it falls on our furniture, the lion lives on the door, and a lot of people come and go, something special is exposed, then this decision is made at a very high speed. You will know how we can avoid Hora, as I told you earlier, in that our immunity power is reduced, the unity is reduced, in the same way, that of very young children It stays low in old age, so it is more for virus infection in all these things, so far, do not do it in India, do not do hi Craske’s infection, whose number is not high but has not affected many people but Saina bin nearest country and many people of our country keep coming in the shade, so the chances of getting affected by this virus are more in our country Land.

 So prevention of this coronavirus is very important for us. It is the most important thing to prevent infection of the coronavirus. It is important to increase our immunity. Our immunity depends on these things. To be good, our hemoglobin is necessary to be good for our vitamins.

The quantity i.e. b12, folic acid should be good in all these things, its deficiencies in our body Should not be our diet should be balanced and we have to take lots of water and we have to consume a lot of fluids because our body remains hydrated, then infection is reduced and our diet is well prevented and Fresh vegetable intake is very important to take care of and take vegetables; take vegetables for 10 minutes and leave them well then Could not use stale things and understand that in our health checkup, it has been found that if we have deficiencies,

then immediately we have to remove it from certain deficiencies, if some vitamins are less, then we will have to inject medicines with these injections. If our immunity will increase, then the risk of infection will be reduced and the other important thing is that we should take precautions to prevent infection. Ni.

 Like I have already told you that from the coping, from Amir Singh, the small chocolate droplets that fly in the air cause the coronavirus to spread, so to prevent this, we have to put some rustic on ourselves, that is, if we go outside then We have to wear a mask that comes to the meat medicated Bhaskar which causes a child of the flu to call it n95 on the common wire