Corona Virus Symptoms Treatment

Signs and Symptoms COVID-19

Corona Virus Symptoms Treatment: What is Coronavirus, before the city of Wuhan in China, this virus has engulfed the whole world, so far in which countries Coronavirus has knocked it, in this article we are going to tell you how many people are victims of it? Have many people suspected that Coronavirus has arrived in India too?

Corona Virus Symptoms Treatment: If it has come, where is it, is it affecting the Indian people, what are the symptoms of the disease caused by the coronavirus, how can it be avoided, what precautions should be taken, what is the disease, the government due to the virus What are the arrangements so far?

Corona Virus Symptoms Treatment:  What to say about this, the answer to all things will be seen in Hindi from the beginning to the end, you will see a helpline number issued by yourself or someone. If I am going to tell that in Urdu too, then definitely see the article.

Corona Virus Symptoms Treatment:  Coronavirus is new, which was identified in the city of Wuhan, China, when we were the prime target of the city, from where the virus has started spreading in the world, so far more than 80 people have fallen victim to it and more than 3000 people are suspected as their Treatment is also underway and the virus has been confirmed in 2744 people, while the condition of 461 people remains critical.

Corona Virus Symptoms Treatment

 There is a possibility of spreading this disease with seafood. Apart from this, after the animals, this disease occurs in humans, before that the animals have this disease in humans, apart from touching the patient who is already infected with air or By staying around, touching other things also poses a risk of getting infected by this virus.

Common symptoms of coronavirus are its symptoms.

 There are cough, fever, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, or diarrhea related or digestive problems. The symptoms of depression become less severe and the symptoms also become severe. Pneumonia is very likely to cause difficulty in breathing or kidney failure. It was first identified in Saudi Arabia that more than 800 people have fallen victim to it. It will be identified in which only the first Rosa 350 will shine in that time in 2002, and Delhi is being told in humans this time that this disease can be transmitted from bats to humans. Along with this, coronavirus infected patients have been confirmed in Thailand, Australia, USA, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, UK, and Nepal till now.

Corona Virus Symptoms Treatment

 Apart from this, many countries around Nepal, Singapore, where the maximum number of patients have been found, it will not take much time to knock it in India, because the virus is spreading very rapidly through the air, without any symptoms. The virus is also spreading to people and published medical general research and claimed that 5 people of this family got an infection in one family in the city of China Bengal it was found during the investigation were returned from there that the child does exist to create the situation.

Corona Virus Symptoms Treatment

 Opening such a brother infection has been spreading owl doctor has claimed that this virus spreads through the eyes. When a person infected with the coronavirus hides something fresh, his droplets touch your eyes and he also gets infected with smiling bara. Or if you touch your eyes with your hand after touching Rocky, then the chances of spreading the infection increases greatly.

Corona Virus Symptoms Treatment

What precautions should be taken: To be cautious, you should keep it today; March 30 should be used. It is very important to use clothes while eating.

 When other countries have started airlifting their citizens from China and Mumbai Delhi Kochi Airport in India has started being very strict and the Sri Lankan has stopped the people of China from coming to Sri Lanka. A meeting was also held in the Prime Minister’s Office to review the preparations to deal with the deadly coronaviruses that caused worldwide outrage. Switch to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Narendra Modi, principal secretary to the meeting the Ministry held headed by PK Mishra to treat patients infected with the virus at a hospital in China itself the Witness their lives by a doctor.

Corona Virus Symptoms Treatment

Can say that is so much more active than us, it is spreading so fast that the doctor lost his life while treating the patients. Apart from this, America has appealed to the citizens of their country to go to China as much as possible. For the time being, the Prime Minister of the remaining country has taken full responsibility to call its citizens, the film has stopped giving visas on arrival to the people of China. It completely sealed all borders, stopped the movement of the same. Apart from this, 2000 students of Pakistan who are living in Guhan City are studying. They have requested Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to give them back their country. Take an airlift in Pakistan, if anyone of them 2000 students got an infection, then everyone’s life could be in danger, like the rest of the country, its citizens, In the same way, the students of Pakistan are also doing the airlift, they also want them to go to the Pakistan Airlift in their country. The most suspicious patient of coronavirus is the youngest patient, which we can say is only 2 years old, 2 years old. The smallest patient of coronavirus is believed to be the youngest patient.

 The treatment is being done in a hospital right now. If you or someone you know has any symptoms of coronavirus and you are an Indian citizen, you can also call a helpline number. The number is 1801 805 145 You can call and you can share whatever is important.

 You will be fully helped, where the infection has spread in India, for that, I tell you that 11 suspected patients have been found in Mumbai, Rajasthan and Bihar in India, who are admitted in the hospital, they are being treated but my It has not yet been confirmed whether he is active with coronavirus or if the symptoms that appear in the blood are likely to be understood by him or suspiciously They are being treated in Mumbai, Rajasthan, and Bihar, which have been found in the suspicious form of 11 people who are being treated, so you should also be given and caution should be taken if you see the symptoms you know, then you will get your treatment in time. Do as well as the precautions that have been given, these precautions will also be necessary because any serious consequences can result from coronavirus.

 All the airports around the world are being screened and screened at bus bases. There is a lot of hardening of power. All the airports are being investigated very much at airports in India and in other countries, especially the flight China Those flights coming to India from India are being closely monitored on those flights, they are being thoroughly scanned. Is there a coronavirus present in them? In such a situation, a lot of guidelines have been issued in India for Coronavirus, all those who have traveled to China but who do not have any of the above symptoms at the time of arrival of India, for 28 days after arrival from China. Keep your calls outside the house as limited as possible if a symptom develops within 28 days of the person’s arrival in India.

 If you have a cough, then the traveler who has symptoms of fever will immediately come to his nearest but we would like to do this through our website that you should not think of simple cough cold or breathlessness as coronavirus. You will have a coronavirus present.

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