corona virus (COVID-19) Health Alert |Coronavirus symptoms

corona virus (COVID-19) | Coronavirus symptoms

corona virus (COVID-19) Health Alert : The whole world is affected by this coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, WHO (World Health Organization) has declared it an epidemic.

corona virus (COVID-19) Now it is up to you how you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

Let us and we together share this message more and more and make people aware.

corona virus (COVID-19) Health Alert
corona virus (COVID-19) Health Alert

How to avoid it?

Repeated cough and sneezing are the most common symptoms. If you ever get out of the house

Apply mask on your mouth

Wear a mask while talking to anyone, as anyone can sneak or snort while talking. Or you can do the same thing. It is better that you take precautions in advance.

Use rheumatism

If you are out somewhere, keep a sanitizer with you, this will mean that you can always keep your hands clean.
Wash hands with frequent soap

If you don’t have a mask, you’re not worried about it, you can keep a handkerchief with you. Keep in mind that you can prevent germs with the help of handkerchiefs or use your shoulder while sneezing.
Be less exposed to air

Avoid the rumors !!

Right now, due to COVID-19, there are a lot of rumors going on on an app like WhatsApp, due to which people are being seduced, some of them being rumors;

This virus dies at warm temperatures

This is completely wrong because it has nothing to do with the temperature, it can harm you in every season. You should not pay attention to any kind of rumors, but pay attention to the fact that no one shakes hands when they come in contact.

Corona is not present in cold places

The new Corona can be found everywhere. Clean your hands often with an alcohol-based sanitizer to protect yourself.

Corona can be avoided by bathing in warm water

No, this news has nothing to do with reality, corona is a very dangerous virus that has some lime to avoid. And that’s why you can fight this new corona.

Corona necklace using hand dryer

It is being stressed again and again that you do not need to get yourself in touch. Not even in contact with Dusaro. The greater the distance, the better. Hand dryers have no role in killing COVID-19.

No danger from mosquitoes

Nothing can be said right now, nor has any such information been heard, nor has any such news been revealed by any research paper. So keep yourself safe, stay away from any kind of rumors.

The corona virus can be killed by ultra violet lamps

UV rays are harmful to humans, so there is no argument in this rumor.

Do viruses kill alcohol and chlorine?

No, both these substances are harmful to humans and if they come in contact with eye and mouth then you may face more pain.

The cases

What is truth, what is false? It is a very dangerous disease that can ever befall anyone, first its results were seen in China, followed by Italy, Spain, Germany and USA and most cases are increasing. .

In India too, this number has been 490+. But even though there are some people who appear on the street heavily in public curfew, this person doubts his mental state that you are not worried about your family or your people. India is currently in Stage-2 and the situation is likely to be over.

Just as our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi understood this pain and assured the people that our security is in our hands.
On 22 March itself, all obeyed the Prime Minister’s order and showed themselves as a symbol of self-awareness in the country by joining the ‘Janata Curfew‘, the whole world is praising our country.
The way this challenge is being fought, in comparison to the rest of the world, we should be aware that the country’s blood supply is being fulfilled.


This is not a joke, it is epidemic. This can prove fatal for all of us. If you want to protect yourself, your children, your family, please do not leave homes, understand the importance of this lock and spread awareness around you.