corona virus cases

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corona virus cases: I will give you a brief of what is happening in this Battle against coronavirus stop updates for the day on the Throne of coronavirus cases electrocuted vi of updates of which are coming in from India 10 Indian national have been tested the positive sofa and the latest is a Paytm employee in gurugram was tested positive for the noble coronavirus yesterday out of 26 cases 16 Italian tourists 15 under Quarantine in gurugram want rest of the same group is in Jaipur.

corona virus cases

primary schools in the national capital will remain closed till 31st of March the announcement was made by Delhi government Delhi NCR remains on high alert after 18 coronavirus cases are being treated in the national capital.

corona virus cases
corona virus cases

Shooter suppository for chronovisor friendship with ITBP Quarantine camp in Delhi to Medanta Hospital gurugram the best Vaibhav accompanied the Taurus is being treated at Delhi Safdarjung Hospital Health Minister doctor Harshvardhan inform Rajya Sabha Prime Minister office is directly monitoring the situation and show the country meant that there is no need to panic all International passengers will now have to go to home screen at the airports Health Minister also stated that visited from Italy China and Iran along with Japan and South Korea have been canceled.

coronavirus cases : Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not go to Belgium capital Brussels for that India is Summit which has been referred to the Coronavirus outbreak the Summit was scheduled for 13th March let’s know very quickly just give you a sense of how the universe videos number xxvi cases that you are talking about how they are spread across the country and you know just to give your sense of the Maine hotspot where people have so far been detected positive of coronaviruses quickly take a look at this map of India’s India continue to battle through non-violence won the patient is a Delhi resident who is the base of the sum Hospital in the national capital 15 August are now in gurugram facility of Medanta Hospital driver is also be shifted to the hospital in Safdarjung Hospital.

also in the driver is part of the Talent group should not to patients in Delhi won the driver The Other of cost is the initial patient who was detected who children are in factoring in the Model School in Jaipur at the SMS hospital there is monitor in forest Indian President who was elected of Coronavirus Gandhi Hospital Hyderabad has won residence of Hyderabad who is, in fact, being repeated their six villages of Delhi patient are in Agra as well they are also being in self warranty 1 1 Saptah Paytm employee is in Safdarjung Hospital represent of gurugram who is not been admitted there should be the last me the people those were being treated for the korona coronavirus cases infection across the country let’s very quickly go cross in fat right now and give you a ground report from various cities for snowfall airport take a look at this report file by my colleague Aishwarya India is fully go to deal with coronavirus fall into the Union Health Minister.

doctor Harshvardhan 21 airport have been fitted with spinning machines training is taking place not just at airports but also at various awards the government is also saying that the prime minister himself is closely monitoring the situation and also looking at the number of patients in the country where you recently there were three people one in the national capital the other in Jaipur and the third one in Hyderabad who tested positive government sources have told us that all three announce table and advisory has also been issued with regards to traveling to China Iran and Italy suicide more than 5 lakh people have been screened major centers have been opened up in a cross in my most of the states across the country they also said they are waiting for response from other countries to come once they receive the response from other countries with regards to the coronavirus cases the advisory would be issued against traveling.

Karuna Fear Files deserted the historic monument most beautiful Taj Mahal in Agra Road behind me the stage usually when it businesses thousands of the tourist board domestic and international here for last 3 days is looking completely deserted in fact these are the electric vehicles which are used to carry out the tourist from the main road to the poor Brigade Eastern gate of all these vehicles are lined up looking completely deserted no takers accept local tourist doesn’t come back as a precautionary measures against succeed with the driver of the local tourist they all are master Vivek Yadav is one of the two rivers joining me here Vivek a deserted yes sannata Kyon Hai Tajmahal ke bad Pehle Apne pure Hindustan ke andar isliye tourist Hamen aur yah gadi bhi aapane dekhna yah sab Khali a rahi hai vaise Mein Jagah Nahin milati Thi Sar football hai usmein Oggy kitne Dinon mein 3 days Mein Jitna tourist kam Hua Hai 70% tourist, that’s the first gate of historical monument Taj Mahal share it witnesses discoveries from all across the globe and now the current affair has deserted India’s most beautiful place right out.

Agra now interact more prepared you was there how do you see the situation is a city more prepared now when it was forcibly 3 days back mobile Ankit first update that many you know the locals from Agra 200 visited countries like Italy and several other voluntarily turning up at the hospital district hospital now offering in blood test including all the test related to Corona, in fact, yesterday 49 people wear screen 28 samples were collected and then send to Lucknow last evening there was high-level meeting in Agra and this morning what I saw that administration has deployed uninstall the team of health department official with the thermal thermal gun with their screening all the foreign nationals particularly those who are arriving at Taj to see.

The Taj Mahal to clearly the foreigner Sahab in a screen all the Major Saab in scaled UP in backbone of the hotel where the Corona spectrometer leaves a who came all the way from Jaipur to Agra the hotel has been sanitizing. In process is being taken up, in fact, all those who are in online the for screening process they have also been asked to sell current time for 3 days Aise Na the hotel has been asked not to take any further entry of tourists till the sanitization process is completed and at the same time administration valve appealing people to maintain come and do not spread rumors Radha prevention is better than cure to people have been advised to take prevention but yes are there is a sense of your among the people and perhaps why you see almost 70% decline in football at Taj Mahal.

corona virus cases 12 days in Jaipur who is Robin theatre at the Rajasthan University Health of Health Sciences he is from the same group.

I’m outside the r u h s College of Medical Sciences in Jaipur where the nine suspected patients of coronavirus have been kept in isolation a serious case of lapse has come forth from this hospital as a suspected coronavirus patient was found roaming around in the open aspires the hospital administration is concerned it mentioned that the ambulance did not drop the korona corona virus cases suspected patient at the place that it should have a demonstration has refused to come on camera for reaction to the entire matter but it clearly has been a big lapse as a serious danger was forced because of the suspected rounds in the open the nine virus suspected patients admitted at hospital was supposed to be kept in isolation after the big had come to the forefeeling station has issued serious directions to the hospital staff to ensure that masks are one and also to ensure that guidelines are followed strictly Madhavan in Jaipur India.

let me now take you to Hyderabad where one from the city has also been tested positive for the korona virus his treatment is going on at the Rajiv Gandhi Hospital North 24 year old Vitamin B6 from Dubai what is the Telangana government doing about this remember the hypothesis direct the government to take on which date to prevent the spread of the corona virus cases this report from my colleague Ashish Gandhi Hospital just outside the isolated special isolated word and you can see behind me is the special isolated word and hear other 24 year old was found positive of infection is undergoing treatment and that of the Other cases they are also Kafir regularly the second person particularly of those people who have a travel history they are coming here there checkup done and you feel that there a need a admission then they get admission here you can see behind me I help desk has been created inside this help this is a continuous 24 by 7 it is functional apart from this helped the Government of Telangana as health department has also initiated at 24 by 7 Call Centre where one can call and enquire about or inform about the prevailing situation or disease or if it they have any kind of doubt meanwhile at Gandhi Hospital Junior Doctors who are who are working here and study your they have raise concern regarding this isolated unit because Gandhi Hospital is one of the largest hospital of Telangana and it 2000 patient per day and and FIR the Junior Doctors there they have raise concern they believe that government should actually ship this isolated unit outside the city outskirts of the city so that the regular patient doesn’t get any kind of infection our any problem any hazard .

open Bengaluru coronavirus positive cases increasing in India the state of Karnataka is on a high alert in fact the chief minister has very clearly stated that as of now in Karnataka there is no coronavirus positive case as yet not taking any chances now yesterday the chief secretary of the Government of Karnataka held high level meeting with all the deputy commissioner’s and district magistrate across the state is also had a meeting in that high level meeting itself with those belonging officials belonging to the armed forces in Karnataka spread across the state as of now the information is that the border security force which is best to be here in yelanka database that they have kept redirects ready so that means 300 people can be kept in isolation India barracks apart from that was told the Command Hospital run by the Indian Air Force is also keeping a 20 bed isolation ward very similarly the coast guard in Karbonn is also getting ready the Maratha light infantry in belagavi is also ready to this is the situation in Karnataka as of now for the more than individuals who admitted to the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of chest diseases the blood reports have turned up as negative which means they are discharge is on the way anytime soon Singh is as of now is do not get scared be prepared be careful take precautions and as of now let’s put this in this way there is no coronavirus positive cases in Karnataka . basic hygiene while coughing and of course washing your hands is not something you it’s not that coronavirus should be the only reason for you to wash your hand that is the basic hygiene that you and I should be maintaining and if you have a sneeze or coming in make sure that you recover your mouth for use with your elbow so that it doesn’t spread across that all that you need to do there is no need to Panipat to so much for being with us we keep updating.