chickenpox is caused by symptoms, treatment

chickenpox is caused by : What is Chicken pox ? Symptoms, Treatment and Home Remedies for Survival.

chickenpox is caused by , the varicella-zoster virus , What is Chicken pox ,Symptoms, Treatment
chickenpox is caused by , the varicella-zoster virus , What is Chicken pox ,Symptoms, Treatment

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In today’s era, like ancient times, there is not a pure environment, the air has become polluted and due to this many diseases are taking birth every day. Most diseases are caused by infection. By the way, diseases show their outbreak in every season. But as the summer draws closer, diseases related to skin infections are ready for the first attack.

In summer, many diseases start spreading due to skin infections like measles, warts, ringworm, chickenpox etc. Today we are going to provide you information about chicken pox through this post of ours. chickenpox is caused by Chickenpox is a contagious disease that can be avoided if recognized and started at the right time. Let’s read chickenpox is Kyuta and thicken chicken pox.

How to make chickenpox

What is chicken pox

Chicken Pox in Hindi means chickenpox, which is an infectious disease spread by a virus called varicella zoster and it spreads like an epidemic. This disease occurs due to ingestion of infected wastes when breathing in the human body. This disease is also commonly known as Chhoti Mata. Whoever suffers from smallpox disease starts having itching and itching problems all over the body.

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Reasons for chicken pox

There are many reasons for chicken pox, some of them are explained further to you:

  • Consumption of dirty water or open matter can cause chicken pox.
  • Due to extreme cold or heat, the varicella zoster virus becomes increasingly active.
  • People with sensitive skin have the highest risk of dermatitis.
  • The use of extremely harsh soaps makes the skin dry and reduces the ability to fight bacteria.
  • Chicken pox lakhan
  • Chicken pox is a serious disease which is very important to know its symptoms before treating it. The following shows the characteristics of chicken pox:

Chicken pox causes red rash and rashes on the body.
The red seeds emerge from the water and itching intensifies.
chickenpox causes back pain and chest tightness.
Rash appears prominently on the face, scalp, and spine.
Symptoms of chicken pox also appear as red seeds on the arms and legs.
Symptoms like mild fever, loss of appetite, headache and feeling tired also occur when chickenpox occurs.

Chicken Pox Stage

It passes through three stages after red spots of chicken pox emerge. It is very important for the patient to get the right treatment before these three stages, otherwise he may die. Let’s know which are these three chickenpox stage:

Pink or red colored blisters (blisters) come out which can be removed in a few days.
Small pus-filled blisters burst again after emergence.
The crust and itching cover the burnt blisters, which take longer to heal.

Treatment of chicken pox in hindi

Next you have been told how to avoid chicken pox in these Hindi remedies, so let us know:

For the prevention of chicken pox, children between 12 and 15 months of age should be vaccinated with chicken pox.
Even if children are deprived of the chickenpox treatment vaccine or have been vaccinated, they should be given a chicken pox booster, even if they are between the ages of 4–6 years.

Chicken pox Se Bachne Ka Tarika is a vaccine and booster for chicken pox, reducing the risk of chicken pox in children by up to 95%.

How to get baby from chicken pox

If you ever get chicken pox, you should avoid chicken pox with the following things, otherwise it can be more serious:

Other medicines such as aspirin, etc. should not be taken without doctor’s advice when chicken pox occurs.
Avoid spicy food.

Pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems such as AIDS sufferers, etc. should not be vaccinated for the treatment of chicken pox.