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benefits of mayurasana : How is mayurasana done ? – What is the method and advantages of mayurasana in Hindi.

benefits of mayurasana
benefits of mayurasana

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To stay healthy, yoga has been resorted to since ancient times. It provides energy from inside the body. There are many benefits to doing yoga. There are many types of asanas for doing yoga. One of these asanas is Mayurasana Yoga. This yoga makes the body healthy by removing many types of diseases from the body. In today’s post, we will give you the details of Murarasan in detail.

By doing yoga, the body remains healthy. Also, energy remains in the body. Provides mental peace and relieves stress. If you want to learn Muarasan Steps, then today’s post will be very useful for you. So let’s know what is the way to do Mayurasana.

How is Mayurasana done?

Information about mayurasan in hindi and benefits of mayurasana

The word Mayurusan is composed of two words, Mayur, which means peacock and asan means asana. It is a peacock-shaped posture. While doing this asana the person comes in the shape of a peacock.

Hence this posture is named Mayurassan. While doing this asana, the entire weight of the body remains on the hands and the body remains in the air. This pose is a bit difficult. Which requires constant practice.

To perform Muarasan it is important to know the Muarasan technique or else it may have a wrong effect on you. Next, the method of making Murasan is explained in detail, so that you will be able to do it easily.

For the Mayurasan method, first choose a clean open ventilated area.

Sit on your knees.
Now keep both your hands on the ground in such a way that the fingers of both hands are in the direction of the feet.
Fold both elbows and place them around the navel between the stomach.
Now keep the head tilted forward and down and slowly move both legs backwards.

According to your ability you can stay in this posture.
After this, slowly bring the legs down to bring them back to normal.
When the breath becomes normal, you can return to this posture.
Initially, do this asana only once.
Mayurassan can extend the duration of the method to the best of its ability.

By doing this method properly, Muyarasan’s Fayday is obtained. It is not possible at first that you come to the right posture, but with constant practice you will be able to do it correctly.

Mayurassan’s benefits

There are many types of benefits of mayurasana yoga which are being explained to you further. Let’s know what are the benefits of doing Murasan.

Persistent practice of Mayurassan does not cause diabetes for a person.
It is beneficial in stomach diseases like gas, indigestion, constipation and strong digestive power.
Mayurassan is very useful for the lungs.
Provides mental peace and relieves stress.
It increases the radiance of the face by removing skin diseases.
This asana also removes problems related to the eyes.
It makes all parts of the body strong.
Pancreatic, kidney, gastric also get benefits of Mayurasan yoga.
Bladder defects are eliminated.

This increases blood flow, thereby controlling heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol.
So there are many types of Mayurasan benefits. If you also want to get these benefits, then include this asana in your routine.

Information about Mayurasan

Mayurassan yoga should not be done under certain special circumstances. So know what to keep in mind while doing this asana.

A person suffering from blood pressure should not do Muarasan yoga.
Pregnant women should not do this asana.
If you are having pain in any part of the body while doing the asana, then stop the asana.
A person suffering from heart related diseases should also avoid doing this asana.
If you have had any kind of operation or have stomach ulcers, do not do Murasan.


So now you must have known about Mayurasana. Do this asana under the supervision of an expert. We hope that you will be able to get rid of diseases through Mayurasana. If you liked this post, like it and also tell your friends how to do Mayurasana.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to this asana, stay tuned with us for the mentioned in the comment box for health information, thank you!