18 Cute & Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

Tired of the same, boring appearance every day? We completely understand. If you think short hair isn’t for experimenting with, think again. Today we’ll show you how. here are 18 Cute & Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair.

There are a plethora of incredibly cute and simple hairstyles for short hair that can be done quickly and easily at home. To spice up your cut for every occasion, check out the greatest Ideas for hairstyles for short and extremely short hair


Style 1: Perfect Downdo Create a low backcombed ponytail. Tie your hair at the back of your head. Spritz your ponytail with hairspray. Then bring the braid to your neck. Wrap the braided bun under your hair. This is a perfect updo for the beginner girl. 

Style 2: Half Up & Half Downdo Create a half up and half downdo. Use a ponytail to create half up and half downdo. Your braid is always to be hidden and concealed. The bun on the back of your head is a perfect way to hide the bun. This look is very easy to pull off. If you want you can make it even easier by applying a couple of bobby pins around the bun. 

Style 3: Side Bun This is one of the most suitable hairstyles for the beginner girl. This style is easy to pull off.

Messy Bun

Perfect for you, to make a mess? To cover up dirty hair? You have no problems, you can do it with easy bun for short hair, just grab some hair pins and start to braid and pin all the hair at the front of your face, then you can braid some hair at the back and voila, now you have an awesome messy braid for short hair.

Chin Up 

The Chin Up is one of the most used hairstyles for girls with short hair. You just need to tie your hair at the side of your face then you have to roll the side part of your hair that is close to your eyes.


Braids, one of the most classic styles for long hair, have been perfect for short hair too. They’re super simple to do but they give the best results possible. Things You Need: A curling wand Hair ties Tight ponytail No pin curls Topknot No stress and this hairstyle is super versatile. 

The topknot can be worn on both short and long hair, as well as in medium and long hair. You can even have fun and try it with clip-in hair extensions. 

Things You Need: A small amount of loose hair A ponytail holder.

How To Do: Take a small amount of loose hair in the palm of your hand and make a rough knot. Next, tie the hair into the top knot. Use the ponytail holder to secure it and relax. 

Don’t worry about the texture because your hair is going to be a little fuzzy, trust us.

Top Knot

Top Knot can be any part of your hair but it is mainly seen on short hairs. It is a kind of pony tail with a bun. This cute hairstyle is so simple and can be done on any day. It is a combination of the two hair styling techniques. 

Now take a picture of yourself wearing this cute and simple hair style with no makeup. Make sure that your hair is neat and frizzy but not a ratty look. Now upload the image in your photo editing software. 

Braid Braids Make your long hair look short by making braids. Take a picture of yourself with your hair straightened and make a braid and bring it to the end. Now take another picture and change the ends. The top photo will show your long hair. The second one will show your cute and simple hairstyle for short hairs.

Side Braid

If your hair is on the shorter side and falls on the side , this style is an easy way to get it neat, stylish and sexy. Make your hair first and before begin place a large curler in the side part of your hair and wrap it around. 

Once your hair is twisted, braid on the opposite side and finish it off by fixing the hairs with bobby pins. Do the same on the other side and place your other set of curlers. Slide the loose hair back with your fingers and separate hair to the opposite side and braid with the same bobby pins

Take the hair and twist it back to the other side. The Side Braid is a perfect way to wear short hair and get it styled and put up.

Fishtail Braid

Because it can be the perfect cut hairstyle for girls who’ve had a shave that are keeping their short hair style short. You can do the braid with one end of your hair and another left part of your hair and you can choose which part to braid. 

Bunny Bun Bunny 

The look is something most people love and people love this look of short hair haircut. These buns are easy to do. Braid Bun Braid is perfect for a girl’s short hair as it can be a perfect hairstyle for her with the braid on it. For you to do this braid bun simple you just need to make the right one. 

Geri Bun Geri buns 

This hairstyle is perfect for a girl’s short hair as it can be a perfect hairstyle for her. To do this you need to simply cut your hair and make a braid on it. Yukata Yukata is the popular short hair hairstyle for a Japanese person.


Ponytail is one of the popular hairstyles for short hair. It can be very simple to create a beautiful ponytail for short hair. Flat Ponytail Flat ponytail is one of the popular hairstyles for short hair. 

It looks very simple and simple, the only thing you need to do is to pull your hair back with the help of an elastic band. Ball Ponytail Ball Ponytail is one of the popular hairstyles for short hair. 

For that you need to have a long ponytail or clip on a ponytail. It’s very simple and easy to create. Just grab your ponytail and plait it like you are going to ponytail. Crochet Ponytail Crochet Ponytail is one of the cute hairstyles for short hair. It looks very creative and adorable.

Half-up Bun

A half-up bun can be used to jazz up your look. Whether you are going to a night out, to a wedding, or just out shopping, you can make this hairstyle work for your needs. This style can be completed with a few techniques. 

To create a half-up bun follow the step by step here: Start with a clean half-up-do ponytail. If you don’t have one, leave a few hairs on the back of your head. Bring the ponytail out by bringing the remaining hairs up to make a bun. 

Leave out a section on the back of the bun by going around the hair. This will provide some extra stability to the bun. Sketch a bun All you need is a comb and some hairpins. Chop a bit of hair and place it under the finger. Use your comb to make your hair into a rough chop. Take a strand of hair and knot it around your finger.

Headband Braids

These headband braids are the classic simple and cute hairstyle for short hair. It’s a good alternative to braid your hair every day to provide a fresh and natural look. 

Yoga Bangs 

The best bang hairstyles for short hair girls is yoga bangs. It’s perfect for those girls who have little or medium length hair. It looks like a bang but the top of your bangs will be longer. 

Elegant Short Hair Buns 

This bun hairstyle is a great hairstyle for short hair girls. It’s a perfect combination of messy and classy. It’s very flattering on short hair. 

Curly Messy Buns 

These messy messy curly bun hairstyles for short hair look beautiful, especially on messy hair girls. Hair Clips is another good option to go for simple hairstyles for short hair.

French Twist Bun

How to do: Begin by dividing your hair into four equal parts and braid them. Secure the braids into a ponytail. Secure the ponytail into a bun by placing the end of the ponytail underneath the section braid. 

Loosen your hair at the back section so that you can see the underside of the hair. Starting from the section braid, separate the part braid into three buns by keeping the root of the part braid in front. Secure the buns with bobby pins. 

Keep your hair split into four equal parts. Braid the outer part of your hair. Make sure that you secure the braid in a ponytail first. Trim your hair around your ears, if necessary. Secure the two middle parts of the ponytail to secure the split into three sections. 

Last Word 

Save these alternatives to get inspired, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced at experimenting with diverse styles. Your arms may become tired, but with practice, you will improve and become quicker! Hopefully these 18 Cute & Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair works for you. Have fun and try new things every day!